Best Water Conditioner 2020 Buyers Guide

Do you DISLIKE the slick feeling of soft water? Are you TIRED OF dealing with chemical/ salt in water?

Then, you might consider salt free water treatment systems. “YES,” you’ve heard right - the best salt free water conditioner can be an alternative to those brine solution unit for conditioning water.

These units are quickly taking the nation by storm for the benefits it offers. Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard about all the wonderful benefits that these types of water conditioner bring into our home or business. In addition to providing us with a continuous supply of salt-free water, these have been known to last longer than a brine solution unit.

Sounds impressive, right?

But, you may ask yourself, Which is the best salt Free water conditioner for me? That’s where our salt free water conditioner reviews come in.

If you’re in the market or searching online for a great Salt-free Water Conditioner, we’ve done the hard yards and found the top 7 most popular Salt-free Water Conditioner on the planet. Not to mention, this article is to help you reach the right salt-free water conditioner for your home or commercial space.

Without further ado, let's explore these one by one from our salt free water conditioner reviews.

Product Name



Our Rating


eddy electronic water descaler
7.8 ounces


aquios full house water softener and filter system

18.6 pounds


Clearwave CW-125 - Electronic  Water Conditioner

Electronic Water Conditioner

2.6 pounds


Aquasana Whole House Salt-Free Water Conditioner – Editor's Pick

24 pounds


Magnetic Water Conditioner Combo

3.5 pounds


HydroFLOW S38 -Salt-Free Filterless Water Conditioner

1 pound 


3M Aqua-Pure AP917HD - Whole House Replacement Water Filter

9.8 pounds 


7 Best Salt Free Water Conditioner Reviews [ 2020’s Exclusive]

We have researched numbers of water conditioning units that are salt-free but narrowed down to only seven products. All the products we have selected are rich with basic features and advanced technology.

Read on. Hope, you’ll get the right one!

1. Eddy Electronic Salt-free Water Conditioner – The Affordable and Efficient Descaler

Are you suffering from limescale on faucets, sinks, and showers due to hard water? To solve this problem, we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. Offering high-performance, highly economical, and even a very affordable price range, the Eddy Electronic Salt-free Water Conditioner is just built for you.

This most popular salt-free water conditioner starts its action by sending the water through an ever-changing magnetic field. It efficiently keeps the tougher substances like manganese and calcium separated so that they cannot form a crystal. Calcium has proved to be congenial to the heart of late. To your positive note, it remains in the water but cannot affect the clothes, appliances, utensils, and human hair and skin adversely.

It's a maintenance free water conditioner in terms of not requiring buying salt pack and minimal utility cost – 110 volt and 5 watts. In line with that, the salt-less dissolution system doesn't necessitate any brine water waste and cause zero environment pollution.

Besides being a cheaper alternative to other hefty salt-free water softeners, it saves your money by its super easy installation without any plumbing. This adds to the reason that it is a preference both for the domestic and business set-up.

To add, the wonderful numbers it comes with include 12 months of money refund guarantee and lifetime warranty of repairing issues. To add even more, you are provided with 1.5 inches size wire to set it over any plastic or metal pipe.

Features We Liked :

  • Nominal utility and zero maintenance cost
  • Friendly both to earth and the human heart
  • Easy to install and even easier to run/maintain
  • Lightweight, compact and super small size
  • Ensure Healthier skin and hair
  • Affordable price

Features We Didn't Like :

  • Not compatible with iron and lead pipe

2. Aquiso AFS-234 Jumbo  - Salt free Water Softener/ Filter

The Aquiso AFS-234 is worth-noting for its dual benefits- filtration and softening task. This salt free water treatment system is re-engineered to provide both basic and advanced facilities of an upgraded water softening unit.

As the statistics go, it can meet the conditioned water demand of both larger domestic and average commercial environment. This capacity has a strong backing of 4.5" cartridges that can diffuse metal ions from 60,000 gallons of water in one lifetime.

The default technology of this no salt water softener breaks organic deposits down so effectively that they can neither build any lime-scale nor affect the taste or manner of the water. Water softened through this saltless system ensures salt-free and safe water. Minerals sediments can't stay crystallized either in the water or inside the pipes.

With this upgraded Aquiso saltless water softener/ filter installed in your water pipe, your water softening can go maintenance free and eco-friendly. The food grade Siliphos additive effectively deactivates the crystallizing tendency of the metal substances from your in-house water.

Features We Liked :

  • Salt-free and maintenance-free water softening
  • Uses effective additives
  • Removes both the taste and sediment
  • Massive cartridge capacity: 60,000 gallons
  • Responsive and rapid customer service

Features We Didn't Like :

3. Clearwave CW-125 Electronic Water Conditioner

Hard water minerals weren’t just making my life miserable by causing scale build-up around the fixtures. We ‘re sure you all know the feeling when your electricity bill gets so high.

If the high electric bill is just making your life miserable, then it’s definitely the right time to get the Clear wave CW-125 Electronic Water Conditioner. The stand out feature of this water conditioner is the low utility cost as it requires merely 5 watts of electricity to run it.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

This revolutionary product uses electronic waves to dissolve hard substances in the water. Thus it breaks the manganese and calcium ions into micro molecules not let them clot to form hard and pesky crystals. Moreover, it requires no brine solution to soften water.

Later on, it stood out from the crowd with the fourfold benefit – softens or conditions your water without leaving sodium in it, saves the pipes from clogging up, removes the particles that inspire to stain your laundry, and saves the environment from being polluted by brine solution.

And health benefit?

You won’t believe, but this unit serves the heart patient as it doesn't contribute to jeopardizing cardiovascular issues thanks to the remaining calcium molecules in the water.

Furthermore, it is super easy to install, and by simply wrapping the given wires around the pipe, you can place the conditioner in minutes. To your utter amazement, the manufacturer warranties the product for life and backed by the sheer confidence they declare 90 money back guarantee.

What more you want? Aren't those enough to go for it?

Features We Liked :

  • Efficiently neutralize your water
  • Effective both for hot and cold water
  • Suggested for cardiovascular patients
  • Clear your pipes of the limescale
  • Improve water pressure
  • high crust or stain reduction
  • Low utility cost

Features We Didn't Like :

  • Reported to be not useful in some areas like Florida

Our second pick is from Aquasana, one of the reliable and renowned names for best-in-class water filtration products. And Aquasana Salt-free water conditioner is the magic name that can get you rid of all the hard water-borne issues.

This product enjoys the backing of three industry-grade features – SimlySoft SCM technology to break limescale, UV Sterilight Filtration to kill any biofilm, and Pro-grade Kit to install with ease. Thus the Aquasana brand has come with a technology formulated with a total hard water solution in mind.

Besides, it will act like a family doctor as you will enjoy healthy skin and hair, easy breath for water without stench, clean cooking, and delicious drink without the least aftertaste. All these are possible for the SLOW PHOS brine-free water conditioning technology. It derides your tough water of the pesky compounds, your pipes of the brine build-up, and environment of the adverse effect of the brine-solution.

So, how does this unit work so effectively?

Well, the Aquasana-exclusive technology bars the positive ionic charges – calcium and manganese- from mingling together. For this, they cannot form any crystal that causes aftertaste, damage the appliances, and make your clothes dingy.

Installing this water conditioner is pretty simple, and a bit of prior experience with such an appliance may not require a plumber. In addition, it saves money as you will not need a replacement of the filter or cartridge for two years to the least.

In line with that, it gives you the ability to condition 1 million gallons of water and ten years of issue-free water filtration. The other excellent numbers that will invite you to rush for this product are the 7GPM flow rate, 100 PSI water pressure, and ten years of warranty.

But, what about the price?

It’s a well-known fact that Aquasana salt-free water conditioners are among the most expensive pieces of equipment, but as always, you tend to get what you paid for. So we can definitely expect very high-quality components and service from this product.

Features We Liked :

  • Able to condition a robust amount of water 
  • Highest water pressure ensures the highest water flow
  • Able to handle the hardest chlorine
  • Decrease lime-scale on water pipes
  • Ensure healthier skin, hair, and stomach
  • Laundry Color will not fade fast
  • Larger pre-filter, post-filter, and brass fittings
  • Come with an Installation friendly Pro Kit

Features We Didn't Like:

  • A bit over-priced than the counterparts

5. Magnetic Water Conditioner Combo - Cold and Hot water Treatment

Magnetic Water Conditioner Combo