Best Whole House Water Filters for Well Water 2020

Are you looking for the best whole house water filters but not sure which home water filter system to buy?
Do you want a water filter that removes fluoride, Lead, Chlorine, Chloramine, Iron, Arsenic, Chromium 6?

If so, this free guide is for you.
Below, you’ll find out what the best water filter for home or well water
is for a variety of budgets and needs.
In particular, you’ll discover what the best water filter for home is in three versions: a water filtration system for well water.
This guide is meant to be a top resource for finding the best water filter for whole house purposes and covers everything you need to make the right decision.
So, let’s get started.

Aquasana Whole House Filter and Softener Combo

Gallon: 500,000
Weight: 25 pounds
Rate (GPM): 7

iSpring 3-Stage WGB32BM

iSpring 3-Stage WGB32BM

Gallon: 100,000
Weight: 3.06 pounds
Rate (GPM): 15

3M Aqua-Pure AP903

 3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filtration System

Gallon: 100,000
Weight: 7.5 pounds
Rate (GPM): 20

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

 Home Master HMF3SDGFEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter

Gallon: 100,000
Weight: 48 pounds
Rate (GPM): 15

Best Whole House Water Filter Reviews

1. Best Performance - Aquasana Well Water Whole House Filter 

Aquasana Whole House Filter

 Here’s an excellent whole house filtration system from Aquasana. This time it's EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST, one of the best upflow water filter.  

This aquasana well water system is specifically designed for private well water contamination. It's also one of the best salt free water filters available in the market.

First of all, it features simplysoft whole house water filter and added sterilight UV filtration. So, it can easily remove viruses, bacteria and other contaminants of well water.

Secondly, this unit is able to remove up to 97% of chlorine in regular tap water. It not only removes sediment, rust, silt, but also harmful water contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, water soluble metals, and industrial solvents.

Additionally, its salt-free softening system safely and naturally reduces scale build-up on appliances and inner pipes.

What’s more, Aaquasana whole house water filter doesn’t require electricity or drainage. This unit uses innovative SCM softening technology that naturally conditions water without the use of sodium. So, it’s also environment-friendly.

Finally, during water filtration, this whole house water filter will improve indoor air quality by reducing chemicals that vaporize in shower steam.

You won't go wrong purchasing this best whole house water filter for well water.


  • Unique Upflow, dual tank design
  • Removes 97% of chlorine for up to 500,000 gallons
  • Proven to reduce the scale
  • Powerful UV filtration
  • Ease of use and replacement
  • Minimum maintenance


  • PEXtubing is not included.

2. Best Extended- Protection - iSpring 3-Stage WGB32BM

iSpring 3-Stage WGB32BM

 Next, we have this 3-Stage WGB32BM Water Filtration System from iSpring. If you have unusual contaminants in your municipal water supply or you’re on well water, this ispring water filter can be a solid choice for you.

In fact, it’s one of the best “point of entry” and “point of use” filtration systems that provides better water from every tap and every appliance in the whole house.

Importantly, it filters water from the source through its three filtration stages. This 3 stage filtration not only removes contaminants and heavy metals found in the majority of well water supplies but also knocks out bad tastes and odors.

One of the great advantages of using this ispring whole house water filter is- it won’t reduce TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS. So, it’ll keep healthy minerals in the water.

Its 1- inch NPT inlet and outlet ports can handle up to 0.25 gallon per second. Furthermore, the 100,000-gallon capacity provides a full year of clean water for your entire family.

Finally, WGB32BM has minimum effect on water flow and requires less maintenance. So, this bad boy will save your well water filter system maintenance cost. 

Hope, this ispring wgb32bm review has helped you a lot to decide on this filtration system.


  • Multi-layer filtration
  • Maximum filtration efficiency and filter life
  • Less clogs and minimal pressure loss
  • Highly effective on organic chemicals


  • The threaded fittings’ quality is poor and tends to leak water

 3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filtration System

 If you’re looking for a high flow whole house filtration system with extra-large capacity, then this option from 3M Aqua-Pure may be just the product you need.  The AP903 filtration system is perfect for well or city water applications.

This 3M AP903 helps reduce contaminants in water and thus provide cleaner, clearer water. Its carbon filter media reduces chlorine odor and taste and thus ensure better tasting drinking water.

Additionally, it protects appliances and plumbing fixtures throughout the home or light industrial/ commercial applications. Importantly, its flow rate provides 75.7 liters (20 gallons) of filtered water per minute.

Another great feature is it comes with non-corrosive stainless steel head that lets you “sweat in place” installation. What’s more, its Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design offers you an easy and fast cartridge replacement without using any tool.


  • Made from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials 
  • Provides consistent, high-quality water
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 100,000-gallon capacity
  • Quick Change Cartridge


  • Some users complained about low water flow issues

 Home Master HMF3SDGFEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter

 Here’s an excellent product from Home Master which is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. It’s a great filtration system for well water with iron, sulfur, and manganese up to 3 ppm combined contaminant load.

This home master hmf3sdgfec filter features a large filter housing with 1” port that can deliver clear, clean water with up to 15-GPM water pressure.

Furthermore, its comes with 3 stage water filter cartridges that can purify up to 95,000 gallons water. That means it'll deliver a full year of clean water for a family with four members (before needing to be replaced the filter).

What’s more, it has a replaceable sediment filter (multi-gradient density) with greater dirt holding capacity that offers finer filtration.

Additionally, this excellent purification process eliminates up to 95% contaminants from well water that create bad tastes and odors.

One of the advantages of this unit is it eliminates rust, dirt, sediment, herbicides, and pesticides without drawing down water pressure.


  • Improved flow rate
  • Enhanced filter performance
  • Excellent iron reduction with the minimal pressure drop
  • Maximum chemical contaminant removal
  • Reduce maintenance frequency


  • Not suitable to use with chlorinated city water


Hope, this review on the Best Whole house water filter for well water has helped you a lot to make the right decision.

Before choosing a Best Whole Home Water Filter System review the water report first.

Don't forget to read the Whole House Water Filter Reviews before buying the best whole house water filtration system

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