5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with LED Light in 2023 Review

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Did you know that a bath fan can supplement your existing light system?

It’s true.

Bath exhaust fans are most well-known for removing moisture. But some models have been designed specifically to provide additional lighting in your bathroom.

An exhaust fan that includes LED light will ventilate and illuminate the bath space without creating heat. They are also energy-efficient.

You’re probably wondering, “what is the best bathroom exhaust fan with LED light you can buy?”

Relax! We can help you to find the best one.

Below, you’ll discover 5 sought-after models with built-in LED light.

Keep reading our bathroom exhaust fan with LED light reviews to learn what about the specialty of these top-rated models.

Best Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Led Light in 2023 – A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Here’s a quick overview showing the important specs of our recommended 5 models. This list is an easy way to compare them quickly.

  1. Editor’s Choice: Delta BreezGreenBuilder Series GBR80MHLED: Noise Level-  0.8 sones, 80 CFM, Features: Fan, LED Light, Motion & Humidity Sensors.
  2. Best Silent: Panasonic FV-0510VSL1 WhisperValue DC: 0.5 to 1.3 sones, 50-80-100 CFM, Style: Fan, LED Light, nightlight.
  3. Best Safeguard Against Bacteria, Yeast, And Fungi cells: Broan-NuTone AR110LKVV SurfaceShield Vital Vio: 1.0 sone, 110 CFM, Options: Fan, LED White Light & Antibacterial Violet Light.
  4. Best for Large Bathroom: KAZE APPLIANCE SEL120L2-EZ: 0.3 sones, 120 CFM, Fan, LED Light, nightlight.
  5. Best Bath Fan with Heater and LED Light: Delta breezradiance RAD80LED: 1.5 sones, 80 CFM, style: Fan, LED Light, heater.

Here are the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with LED Light in 2023

Trying to find an overall good bath fan with LED light seems pretty difficult.

But it’s not quite impossible.

Bear with us, because we’re going to show you exactly how.

Our recommended 5 models are not only efficient but also budget-friendly.

1. Delta BreezGreenBuilder Series GBR80MHLED

Delta BreezGreenBuilder Series GBR80MHLED

Delta Electronics is devoted to innovation and systematically developing technologies and high-efficiency, energy-saving products.

Delta BreezGreenBuilder Series exhaust fans have marked a new achievement in bathroom ventilation for eco-friendly construction.

Model GBR80MHLED of this series is a solid and elegant choice if you’re looking for a bath exhaust fan with LED light, motion & humidity sensors.

For exceptionally low power consumption, market-leading energy efficiency, and quiet operation, this model is unbeatable.

Let’s dig more.

It’s a handy option to use any small bathroom, garage, laundry room, or mudroom. The optimum 80 cfm air circulation rating is quite good to remove moisture.

What stands out?

You can select your required airflow. When the moisture level is above the user-adjustable set-point, the fan runs at 80 cfm (full speed). On the other hand, when it senses humidity below the set-point, it operates continuously at a pre-set lower level from 0 to 50 cfm.

Delta innovative DC brushless motor is super reliable and rated for continuous run. What’s more, the fan is perfectly quiet at less than 0.8 sones. Of course, there is an amber and blue indicator light to show you the humidity sensor and full speed modes.

The included 13-watt LED light is equivalent to a 60-Watt incandescent bulb. So, it’ll provide you sufficient illumination without costing you a lot. Notably, this 13-watt LED offers an output of 850 lumens, which is a soft white. And it’ll last 30,000 hours of use.

Conveniently, the LED light is dimmable, making it easy to achieve the required illumination you need for nighttime use.

No need to be worried about energy costs!

This model is Energy Star qualified and is rated at 7.2 cfm/ watt. It’s worth noting that the annual energy cost for 24/7 operation is as low as $11.57.

GBR 80 features a compact, lightweight design for quick installation. It is UL approved for wall-mount and ceiling installation. Hanger bar included for hassle-free setup.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Rated for continuous running
  • Humidity sensing option with continuous low-speed control
  • Dimmable LED lighting option for convenient uses
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Energy star rated for low power consumption


  • Dimmer switch is not included

2. Panasonic FV-0510VSL1 WhisperValue DC Ventilation Fan with Light

Panasonic FV-0510VSL1 WhisperValue DC Ventilation Fan with Light

Panasonic FV-0510VSL1 can ventilate any small to mid-size bath space, basement, sunroom, laundry room, kitchen, or garage.

It’s the perfect multi-family solution.

With three different airflow capacities between 50, 80, and 100 cfm, it removes moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and growth of other air impurities in any room. No worry, the built-in Pick-A-Flow speed selector switch simplifies the airflow selection process.

FV-0510VSL1 lasts longer and more energy-efficient than other brands. It moves larger volumes of air using less energy. Consequently, it runs cooler that makes the unit last longer. Thanks to Panasonic’s revolutionary ECM motor with SmartFlow technology for optimum CFM.

It’s worth noting that this model is engineered to comply with the ENERGY STAR 4.0 requirement for increased efficiency.

Panasonic ventilation exhaust fan FV-0510VSL1 produces only strong airflow but not noise!

This bad boy operates at whisper-quiet audio levels. Of course, noise varies according to your selected speeds. At 50 cfm it produces 0.5 sones, 80 cfm 0.8 sones and 100 cfm 1.3 sones.

WhisperValue DC features a contemporary flush mount grille that incorporates one LED chip panel. It includes a 10W LED light, which is rated 50,000 hours for an average life. It produces warm white illumination for bright lighting. Besides, the <1W nightlight option provides energy-efficient illumination.

WhisperValue is the lowest profile ventilation fan available. This slimmest housing has only 3-3/8 inch depth.

It is UL listed for ceiling or wall mount. The unique L-Shaped Flexi-Fast bracket simplifies the installation process and provides strong support.


  • Powerful airflow
  • Switch-selectable speed
  • Whisper-quiet audio levels
  • Warm, energy-efficient illumination
  • Extremely thin profile
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Versatile installation
  • 6 years warranty on motor
  • Cons
  • Several customers have complained that they found it difficult to install.

3. Broan-NuTone AR110LKVV SurfaceShield Vital Vio Powered Exhaust Vent Fan

Broan-NuTone AR110LKVV SurfaceShield Vital Vio Powered Exhaust Vent Fan

Broan AR110LKVV offers effective protection against microbe growth in your bath space or other humidity prone environments.

The dual light modes feature LED light and disinfecting Violet light. The white, soft LED lighting mode makes the unit energy saving while the Vital Vio mode continues for uninterrupted cleaning.

The revolutionary SurfaceShield technology combines with Boran’s powerful ventilation capacity that acts as a safeguard against bacteria, yeast, and fungi cells.

It’s worth noting that the Vital Vio LED light technology destroys microbe. But it’s completely safe for your bathroom finishes as well as pets, plants, and humans.

Notably, with 110 CFM of air flow capacity, it removes moisture and reduces the risk of mold or mildew in bathrooms up to 105 sq. ft.

Importantly, TrueSeal Damper Technology reduces air leakage up to 50%, improving its airtightness for enhanced efficiency like never before.

No worry, this powerful fan offers a super-quiet sound rating of 1. 0 sone.

You’ll certainly appreciate that its simple installation process.

The EzDuct connector makes room-side installation a breeze. You can complete installation entirely from the room-side, and you don’t need to access the attic. What’s more, it’s designed to install in both replacement applications and new construction. Thanks to its foldable mounting ears.

So, what about the built-quality of this Broan bathroom exhaust fan?

First of all, the AC motor is permanently lubricated and engineers for continuous operation. Secondly, galvanized steel is corrosion resistant and robust.

Moreover, the sleek bright white CleanCover grille is decorative that blends in to match any ceiling paint. Of course, it stays cleaner longer.

Finally, this bad boy comes with a generous 3-year limited warranty.


  • Convenient dual light mode
  • Powerful air circulation
  • Anti-bacterial and safe to use
  • Airtight-technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Minimal background noise
  • Well-built, durable, and corrosion-resistant
  • Decorative design
  • Easy room-side installation


  • Not permitted to use in Hawaii

4. KAZE APPLIANCE SEL120L2-EZ Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan with LED Light and Night Light

KAZE APPLIANCE SEL120L2-EZ Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan

Are you hunting for a highly efficient but ultra-quiet vent fan with LED light and night light for your medium to large bathroom?

Then, look no further. KAZE APPLIANCE SEL120L2-EZ.  It is the right choice for you.

It offers performance, reliability, and quality.

It efficiently ventilates bath space up to 120 square feet. Thanks to its 120 CFM airflow capacity. The permanently lubricated motor and high-quality components ensure trouble-free, continuous operation.

Most importantly, the electrical configuration of the motor allows it to run at lower temperatures. Thus, it increases the life of the bearings and motor.

SEL120L2-EZ exhaust fan not only moves out moisture but also provides lighting. The 11 watts LED offers bright white (Color temperature: 2700K) illuminate your bath space you need for any moment. What’s more, the 2 watts nightlight helps you find your way in the dark.

The installation of this multi-function unit is not that difficult.

It’s engineered to install from below the ceiling. You don’t need to go to the attic to connect the ducting and wiring. The unique blower assembly with a built-in 6-inch duct adapter further improves its reliability and stability.

It’s fast and easy to set up in different types of construction. Conveniently, the triple point, heavy-duty mounting bracket is adjustable up to a 24-inch joist center. The 13 inch by 14 inches grille attaches directly to the housing with torsion springs.

Of course, you can wire the main light, fan, and nightlight individually or combined to wall switches.


  • Built with high-quality components
  • Continuous, trouble-free operation
  • Easy, fast, and universal under-ceiling installation
  • Well-thought design and long-lasting
  • High-performance and super quiet
  • HVI certified & ETL listed
  • Energy Star qualified
  • 3 years against defect


  • The warmer yellow glow of the LED main light may not be preferable by some users.

5. Delta breezradiance Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Heater and LED Light, RAD80LED

Delta breezradiance bathroom exhaust fan with heater and LED light

Delta breezradiance RAD80LED combines vent fan, LED light and built-in heater all in one unit.

With an 80 cfm airflow rating, this unit moves unhealthy air out of your bath space. So, there is no chance for mold and mildew to grow inside.

It’s designed to run continuously for a minimum of 70,000 hours. And it moves a large volume of air with less energy consumption. Thanks to its brushless DC motor technology.

So, what about its heating function?

If your bathroom gets very cold in the morning, it’s a good idea to install this light, fan, heater combo.

Featuring the 1300 watt heating element, this unit will heat your bath space in a few minutes.

No need to be worried about safety!

First of all, the Built-in thermostat ensures a consistent temperature. Additionally, the heater element is equipped with a thermal cut-off fuse. So, there is no risk of overheating.

Secondly, the metal guard helps to prevent user contact with the heating wire. Most importantly, the heating element conforms to CUL safety standards.

RAD80LED will ventilate and heat your bathroom, but what about lightning?

The 10.5 watts LED light is enough to focus on the details. Of course, you can control the brightness and use it as nightlight by adding a dimmer.


  • Excellent heating performance
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Rated for energy efficiency
  • Conforms to CUL safety standards
  • Reasonably priced


  • At 1.5 sones rating, it’ not very quiet.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light

A bath exhaust fan with LED light saves work, space, and money if your bath space needs additional lighting. It eliminates the need to install a separate light fixture.

Fortunately, all these above reviewed 5 bath fans with LED light are hard to beat. But before making a purchase, you have to consider some aspects that will help you pick the right one to meet your needs best.

Consider the following factors

Bathroom size

Bath vent fans come with different airflow capacity (cfm rating). The first thing you should consider for efficient moisture removal is your bathroom size and required CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating.

The higher the CFM rating, the stronger the fan is. These products are rated anywhere from 50 cfm to 150 cfm. In general, you’ll need one cfm per square foot area. However, it may vary depending on the surroundings and moisture level.

Lighting power

You’re planning to buy a vent fan with a lighting option because you want to eliminate the extra cost of installing a separate light fixture. Right?

Then, you need to consider the watt or lighting capacity of the main light source. Although there is no specific rule, it all depends on your bathroom size and how much illumination you need and like. This type of bathroom exhaust fan included LED light from 10 to 13 watt. Some offer cool daylight while some other bright white or yellow glow. Besides, some offer dimmable lighting options, which allows you to adjust the brightness for nighttime uses.

Audio Level/ Sones

Bath vent fan produces noise while it runs. They come with a noise rating from 0.3 to 3.0 sones. In general, a model with a higher CFM rating will produce more noise than one with a lower CFM rating.

Before making a purchase, think about how much noise you can tolerate during your shower or bathroom time.

Keep in mind that the noise rating affects the price of this specific model. The quieter the fan, the higher the price.

Energy Efficiency

The initial cost of this product isn’t higher. But considering how long you’ll use it, the energy consumption rate is important to consider. It’s wise to go for a model with an energy-star rating.

Extra features

The main purpose of using a bath vent fan is to remove moisture from the area. But besides ventilation and lighting, some additional features help enhance its functionality and make the user experience better and safe.

For example, the auto shut-off feature will make the unit cost-effective and safe to use. The heating function will make your bath space warm and comfy in those chilly mornings. The humidity sensor helps the unit to eliminate the moisture effectively.

So, consider what you require.


So, have you got the best bathroom exhaust fan with LED light to pick?

The truth is that the best one is that meets your needs perfectly based on your bathroom size, moisture level, and your budget.

However, all the above reviewed 5 models are best in performance to price ratio. So, no matter which one you pick, you’ll get the best value for money.

Ohh, did we mention that you can use these units in rooms other than the bathroom where more ventilation is needed?

Thanks for reading our review.

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