5 Best Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safes in 2024 Review

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Looking for the most secured, fast and reliable way to secure your valuables?

Then, nothing beats the best biometric wall safes.

Biometrics is the most advanced technology in security systems. In fact, it’s more secure than a conventional keypad locking mechanism.

Best Biometric Wall Safe

Wall safe with biometric technology offers the best protection in a user-friendly silicon sensor.

Once installed, a simple fingerprint scan permits entry to only those registered fingerprint into the system. As no two fingerprints are similar, fingerprint-touch technology removes any worry of intruders discovering your combination code.

That’s right!

In our biometric wall safe reviews, you’ll get some best fingerprint wall safes. No matter what your budget is, hopefully, you’ll find the right one for you.

Sit back and read through the article!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

This quick list will provide you with a glimpse of the top-rated biometric wall safes on the market.

  1. Best Overall: Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX: This hidden safe boasts an anti-pry and motorized deadbolt locking mechanism, optical fingerprint (500 DPI Sensor) Sensor that gives reliable access, fully carpeted interior,4 pre-drilled holes with anchor bolts and is sound on/off programmable.
  2. Best Budget: AmazonBasics 50FIC: With 1,000,000 times touch lifetime, carbon steel construction, pry-resistant concealed hinges, 2 live-door bolts for security, pre-drilled mounting holes, emergency backup key, and hardware for floor/wall mounting.
  3. Best for the money: BARSKA AX12038: A high-quality wall safe built with durable steel, has 120 fingerprint modules, a manual override lock with backup keys, 2 motorized concealed door hinges, and a protective floor mat.
  4. Best for Small Valuables: Viking Security Safe VS-25BL: Made from one-piece steel construction, this safe is more secure, durable, and looks better. It boasts a 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor, motorized deadbolt locking system, digital keypad LCDs, fully carpeted interior, emergency override keys, and is sound on/off programmable.
  5. Best Storage Capacity: BARSKA AX11650: A security safe to help you store your valuables and firearms securely thanks to advanced BioSecure Technology and motorized deadbolt lock, has a 1.45 cubic feet interior space, is easy to unlock during emergencies, and also pry, saw, and pick-resistant.

Here Are the Best Biometric Wall Safes in 2024

If you are wondering where to start your search, getting reviews for the five best biometric wall safes would be a good starting point. All these five products are reliable and have unique features that offer the best security to your valuables.

Take a closer look at our reviews of the top 5 options you can buy.

1. Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

Key Features at a Glance

  • Designed in the USA
  • Anti-Pry & motorized deadbolt locking mechanism
  • Optical Fingerprint Sensor (500 DPI Sensor)
  • Digital Keypad with LCDs
  • Sounds On/Off programmable
  • Four prongs, override cross keys
  • Fully carpeted interior
  • Four pre-drilled holes with anchor bolts

If you’re looking for a best hidden wall safe, don’t miss this Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX. To keep your valuables, secure in a discreet place, this hidden safe is the best option.

VS-52BLX is a comfortable and affordable home defence for your valuables. This safe fit securely between studs in the wall of the office, bedroom or anywhere you need. So you don’t need to worry much when you’re outside. It’s tightly sealed solid steel body gun safe and pry-resistant by design.

The biometric fingerprint technology offers fast, secure and reliable access by registered fingerprint or PIN code. It allows multiple people access as it can store up to 32 fingerprints.

Moreover, this product is sound On/Off programmable. That means you can operate it either in silent mode or with sound. Of course, it’ll alert you with its warning beep sounds if it left unlocked for more than 1 minute.

There are three fully adjustable shelves with the fully carpeted interior to hold your sensitive items. The built-in LED light inside the locker makes accessing your valuable items easy and hassle-free even in the dark.

Finally, it comes with two prongs, back-up cross key. Key back up is undoubtedly a nice feature which is quite helpful in case the batteries die or your finger falls off.

In summary, as far as security goes, this thing is excellent. It’s well-made, sturdy, and the locking system & biometric entry is all pretty good. Worth it!


  • Modern design
  • Robust construction
  • Highly secure
  • Fast access
  • Easy to install and use


  • Flimsy and cheaply made shelves

2. AmazonBasics 50FIC Biometric Fingerprint Safe

AmazonBasics 50FIC Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Key Features at a Glance

  • 1,000,000 times touch lifetime
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • Two live-door bolts
  • Emergency back-up key (included)
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Hardware for wall/ floor mounting (included)

1.8-cubic-foot AmazonBasics 50FIC offers the perfect amount of space for your important documents, jewelry and other valuable. Of course, the advanced fingerprint sensor ensures more security than any keypad system.

You’ll get quick person-specific access to inside the safe with a simple touch of a finger. Moreover, it’ll provide you with an excellent match speed of less than 1 second. Thanks to its 500 DPI semiconductor.

Importantly, the design allows holding up to 50 individual fingerprints. That means more than one person can access the safe if necessary. You can also program your second finger as second person finger. Furthermore, its touch lifetime could reach up to 1,000,000 times.

AmazonBasics 50FIC is designed for long-lasting performance and durability. The 14-gauge steel body and 8-gauge steel door make it heavy-duty and durable.

But that’s not even the best part.

The pry-resistant concealed hinges, along with two live-door bolts, provides reliable strength and superior security. Thus it prevents intruders from getting inside the safe.

Wait there is much more…

This product comes with an emergency back-up key. You can use the key directly to bypass the fingerprint sensor.

Finally, all necessary mounting hardware comes included. The pre-drilled mounting holes make it easy to mount the safe to the wall or floor. The black exterior finishes easily match with any home décor and office setting to offer a handsome look.

Overall, AmazonBasics 50FIC is a reliable, durable and affordable wall safe to add an extra layer of security to your valuables. It’s very reliable protection at a very good price.


  • Large capacity
  • Quick access
  • Designed for long-lasting performance
  • Rugged, reliable construction
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Not fire resistant
  • The shelf isn’t quite full depth.

3. Barska AX12038 Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe

Barska AX12038 Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe

Key Features at a Glance

  • Department of Justice (DOJ) approved
  • Two motorized locking deadbolts
  • Anti-pry concealed door hinges
  • Mounting hardware and 2 back-up keys included
  • Protective floor mat

Here is another fantastic fingerprint security wall safe. This time it’s Barska AX12038 that lets you store your belonging securely. The in-wall design of this safe enables you to install it into the wall between the studs.

It features 120 fingerprint modules that enable you to scan your finger at several different angles. That mean, you don’t need to place your finger in only one exact position to open the lock.

Of course, there is a manual override lock behind the Barska logo, and it includes back up keys to use in case of battery failure.

AX12038 is built with durable steel. Moreover, the dual built-in deadbolt locking system ensures security to your valuables inside.

This safe has two removable shelves inside for better organization and more spaces if required. Of course, there is Protective Floor Mat

All in all, Barska AX12038 is excellent biometric access safe. This quick access safe will give you good value for your money. (Soure)


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Reliable and secure
  • Easy to program
  • Simple set up and access
  • Easy to clean


  • Not fireproof
  • No locking bolts on the hinge side of the door

4. Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

Key Features at a Glance

  • 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor
  • Digital keypad LCDs
  • Motorized deadbolt locking system
  • Sound on/off programmable
  • Four prongs, override cross keys
  • Fully carpeted interior
  • Build-in led light

Here’s another excellent fast access personal safe from Viking Security. If you’re looking for a small wall safe for storing small valuables and important paperwork and more, don’t miss VS-25BL.

It measures 10” x 14” x 10”. This size will give you extreme flexibility to install it almost anywhere you require protection of your valuables.

The doors include an integrated biometric locking system that offers you better reliability than many of its competitors. It unlocks fast by registered fingerprint or PIN Code. Of course, emergency override cross keys enable you to unlock the safe if the battery dies.

The fingerprint reader can scan any finger in different positions or angles. Moreover, it can save up to 32 Fingerprints for multiple people.

The safe is tightly sealed and pry-resistant. The two 20mm steel locking bars go inside of the two insertion slots for added security. It also has sound ON/OFF feature. Furthermore, the warning beep will alert you if you left the door unlocked.

VS-25BL comes with solid one-piece steel construction. Seamless Laser Cut welding makes the safe more secure, more durable and looks better.

The interior features one fully adjustable shelf to keep organize your valuables. The interior is all carpeted to prevent scratches. The built-in LED lighting inside is a nice touch that makes it easy to see what you’ve got stored.

All in all, VS-25BL is a pretty good fast access personal safe. This Fingerprint Safe is less expensive than most of its similar size competitors.


  • Pry-resistant
  • Convenient
  • Ease of programming
  • Flexible installation
  • Easy to set up
  • Competitive price


  • The non-scratch finish may chip-off

5. BARSKA AX11650 Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA AX11650 Large Biometric Safe

Key Features at a Glance

  • 2.5-second quick access
  • Motorized deadbolt lock
  • Crafted with a robust steel
  • 2 back-up keys
  • Protective Floor Mat
  • Emergency Battery Pack

BARSKA AX11650 is one of the best Fast Home Defense & Effective Gun Storage available. AX11650 lets you access your valuables and firearms with just a scan of your finger. Secure your pistols away from your kids and starts your family protection with this thoughtfully designed Biometric Safe.

It offers you 1.45 cubic feet interior space. That means you’ll get ample storage space for valuables and firearms and still have room to spare! There are two shelves that you can remove if needed. Of course, you can mount it inside your cabinet, in your closet or even on your nightstand.

With advanced BioSecure Technology, it provides top-notch security. During emergency, you can unlock it as fast as 2 seconds — just PRESS and SCAN. The central database holds up to 120 fingerprints. Of course, you can save each fingerprint multiple times in various positions.

Usefully, it offers you easy, manual access anytime. You can use hidden keyhole and included keys in emergency.

This safe is made of robust steel, tamper-resistant edges. It withstands tampering and prying and also endures daily uses. Along with three deadbolt locking systems, this safe acts as a safeguard to your belonging.

To summarize, BARSKA AX11650 is a reliable, secure and quick-access large storage solution. To store numerous pistols, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, the reliability of this biometric safe is paramount. Highly recommend to anyone whose requirements are likewise!


  • Build to last
  • Childproof gun control
  • Compact but ample storage
  • Pry-, saw- and pick resistant
  • Straightforward setup
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Low battery consumption


  • Not fire safe

What to Look for if you Want to Buy a Good Biometric Wall Safe

A wall safe is an excellent option if you have a small floor. You can install it behind portraits or doors into the wall between the studs that won’t take up too much floor space.

Importantly, the biometric mechanism makes a wall safe highly secure. The use of the unique fingerprint identification pattern makes this product revolutionary.

The fingerprint technology ensures only those with proper authority can open the safe. Thus, it offers you improved security to your valuable over the conventional mechanical locking mechanism.

But, how to choose the right biometric wall safe?

Choosing the right fingerprint wall safe might be challenging, and this is where you need the expert’s guidance to find one that will best suit your needs.

There are several factors that you need to consider before making a buying decision. Let’s check them out.

Storage Capacity and Design

The first and foremost consideration should be what items you plan to store in the safe. The amount and size of your valuable will determine how large your selected model should be.

The storage capacity of a safe will affect how much it can hold, what you can store in it, and its price. However, they are available in different sizes and designs to suit most any need or budget.

The most common configuration is they have one or two compartments in them. In general, the primary compartment is designed for large objects.

On the other hand, the smaller compartment is perfect for jewelry and other tiny items as long as they fit in it. Some models may have hidden compartments for added security.

** The storage capacity is expressed in cubic footage or cubic inches.

Types of Protection

The primary purpose of using a wall safe to protect your valuables from burglary. But they also offer you different types of protections.

For example, some models are resistant to harsh weather and water. Some are fireproof. So, before making a purchase, take into consideration that besides burglary what kind of threat your valuables are up against.

If you’re living in a flood-prone area, it’s wise to go for a water-resistant wall safe. Fireproof wall safes are highly recommended if you live in hazardous areas or materials prone to cause fires.


Another important factor you should take into consideration is the durability and toughness of the safe. In general, this product is made of stainless steel. Also, check the door construction of the safe. Durable construction makes it hard or even impossible to destroy without someone noticing it.

Fingerprint Memory

This type of safes has the ability to store multiple fingerprints. Depending on the model, they usually can hold between 10 to 120 fingerprints. Be sure the model you’re planning to buy suits the number of people using it.

Multiple angles and multiple fingers options offer you versatility for multiple users. If more than one person needs to access the safe, it’s definitely a versatile option.

You can also program your other fingers as other persons’ fingerprint. It’s convenient in case something happens to you one of your fingers; you can use another registered finger to open the safe.

Additionally, some models allow you to save different angles of each finger you wish to use. It makes access a lot easier and quicker as whatever angle you insert, the device can find it from the saved copy.

Key Lock

This is another crucial factor you must not overlook. A combination of a key lock acts as a fail-safe against electronic circuits giving out or batteries dying.


Prices of fingerprint wall safes may vary depending on the construction, storage capacity, and fingerprint memory. Although these are expensive than other types of safe options, they definitely worth every penny spent because of the high level of protection they provide.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of using a Biometric Wall Safe?

Having a safe is a necessity for any business or home that cares about protecting valuables against burglary, loss, or damage.

There are many benefits of owning a biometric wall safe. Some advantages are:

Even you use the safe with the best locking system, it won’t do any good if your safe is carried off. A wall safe is installed hidden behind the door or portrait. You can secure it into the wall studs that make it more secure than other types. Moreover, if space availability on the floor is a concern to you, then the wall-mounted option will work great.

A wall safe acts as a deterrent preventing unauthorized persons or burglars from quickly grabbing your documents or jewelry or important items.

A wall-mounted safe that comes with proper fire-rating will protect your important papers, discs, or other valuables for hours during a fire accident.

The keys, PINs, or combinations may be stolen or copied. But this is not the case for biometric models that allow only those whose fingerprints that are saved in the system to access the cabinet. In other words, the registered person must be present to open the lock, No Substitute!

Fingerprint technology is the quickest way to access your high-value items in the cabinet. Although the digital lock is also fast as you have few numbers to press, in times of emergencies or pressure, the nerve may get in the way.

The scanner of a biometric system can store the prints of multiple fingers of the same person or different persons. You can also save the fingerprint of your same finger at different angles, which is very useful in several critical situations. You can use any registered finger you wish to use in case of dirty hands or an injury to any of your registered finger. It also allows other registered people to do the same.

So, are there any drawbacks to this type of safe?

YES, they have some disadvantages too.

A biometric system may have some inconsistencies that may sometimes give you a false rejection even for a valid finger. However, to overcome this issue, I recommend selecting a model from a reputable brand that is well-known for offering highly accurate fingerprint safes.

When it comes to price, biometric versions are more expensive when compared to the digital one. In some cases, fingerprint versions cost anywhere between 60 to 100 percent more than an electronic version.

As biometric units run on battery, you’ll need to keep the battery top-up. However, when choosing an old model, check it carefully as they may lose all the saved data in case you forget to replace the battery in time, and you have to re-register the date. Fortunately, most updated models won’t lose the saved information even when the battery runs out.

How Does a Biometric Safe Work?

Are you interested to learn how the fingerprint technology works in a biometric version?

A biometric model comes with the same steel construction, the same interior, and the same strong hinges as other types of safes include.

But, where is the difference?

Well, the significant difference is in the mechanism of the lock.

This type of safe uses a programmable computer system installed in the unit. But all you see from outside is the scanner or fingerprint reader.

This system allows you to set your fingerprints to accept. Your fingerprints will remain saved in the memory of the unit. All you need to open the door to do is to insert or press your assigned finger on the glass surface of the scanner to unlock the door.

If you scan other fingers other than those you set or saved, the unit will deny to access them.

How to Use

It’s quite simple!

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Place you finger on the glass surface of the scanner to record it. If the system allows registering multiple fingers, and multiple angles of each finger. Next, register your different fingers or fingers of other individuals whom you like to allow access.

Step 2: To ensure that the scanner can recognize your registered fingerprint, test the locking mechanism before you close the door.

Tips for Using a Biometric Wall Safe

Dry your registered finger before scanning it. Lotion or dirt can distort the lines of the registered finger while the scanner is trying to read the fingerprint.

Insert the same amount of pressure on the glass surface each time you need to scan your finger. Keep in mind that how much pressure you insert with the finger will affect which area the scanner reads.

For security purposes, you should wipe the glass surface of the scanner after each use. If you don’t wipe the glass, an unauthorized person may lift the fingerprint residue by using adhesive.


When it comes down to buy the best biometric wall safes, it mainly depends on your requirements, personal taste and the style you prefer.

However, all the five best fingerprint wall safes that we’ve reviewed here are reliable and trusted to protect your valuables.

Keep safe your valuables with any of this highly- secured fingerprint locking system and accelerate your daily routines!

Thanks for reading

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