10 Best Pocket Door Hardware in 2023 Reviews

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So, you have decided to install a pocket door?

Great Idea!

Undoubtedly, pocket door will provide you a higher level of convenience and easiness. But to ensure the proper installation and smooth operation, you’ll need the best quality pocket door hardware.

Door frames, edge pull, wheel, track, door bolt, rollers, guide- no matter what you’re looking for, here you’ll find a well-researched list of best pocket door hardware. We’ve also added all the details that you may need to about pocket door hardware.

Let’s take a look.

Our Top Picks

Here are the Best Pocket Door Hardware in 2023

Today we’re presenting you with our top 10 choices for best pocket door hardware currently available on the market!

1. Best Pocket Door Frame – Johnson Hardware 1500 Series

Best Pocket Door Frame


  • Made in the USA
  • 125 lb. capacity
  • Perfect for 2 x 4 interior wall
  • Precision extruded box track
  • Self-adjusting floor anchors

The 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame is an ideal choice for light home remodels and most DIYers. The kit is commercial grade and suitable to install a pocket door into 2 x 4 stud wall.

The components are of high-quality and heavy-duty. It offers 125-pound capacity. The heavy-walled aluminum construction of its precision extruded box track ensures that your door won’t jump track.

The wood stud uprights feature full steel sides and backs. This construction provides maximum rigidity for wall materials. What’s more, it restricts nails from penetrating the pocket.

1500 Series comes with auto-adjusting floor anchors. This feature allows for settling of the floor without disturbing the horizontal alignment of header and track. The three-wheel tricycle hangers are well- balances that ensure that all wheels carry weight evenly for smooth operation. Additionally, its convex rails on the box track offer effortless, quiet and incredibly smooth rolling.

It comes with all necessary installation hardware. It includes pocket door hardware track, frame, hangers, door guide, adjustment wrench, and door bumper. And the installation of this hardware kit is a breeze. No drilling is required to install the frame. You can cut down the frames to fit any smaller door size.

It’s nice to know that this kit offers a true lifetime warranty and replacement for defective materials or workmanship.


  • Premium quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth operation
  • No drilling required


  • Wood components are of softwood

2. Best Pocket Door Edge Pull – Baldwin Estate 0465.150

Baldwin Estate 0465.150


  • Slim, narrow design
  • Solid forged brass
  • Satin Nickel finish

Next, we have this excellent edge pull from the premier manufacturer of the door, bath, and decorative hardware Baldwin.

Baldwin pocket door hardware are well-known for its attention to quality, detail, stylish and timeless good taste. And this edge pull 0465.150 is no different.

This edge pull is ideal to use with bathroom, closet, hallway and laundry pocket doors. It’s aesthetically pleasing and reliable. The solid forged brass construction ensures high durability.

The simple, narrow design eliminates critical installation issues on thin pocket door conditions. Additionally, the pull-out design provides simple functionality.

It’s spring-loaded that means it returns lever flush with faceplate. What’s more, the wide opening in the pull makes open and closing hassle-free. The satin nickel finish of this product offers an elegant and smooth appearance.

Baldwin 0465.150 edge pull is designed for DIY installation. It includes everything you need for installation. And it’s available in different finishes.


  • Fits in most pocket doors
  • Premium quality
  • High durability
  • Attractive and functional
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The screws are cheap

3. Best Flush Pull – Sehrgut 2A2.02.01.02 (2 pack)

Sehrgut 2A2.02.01.02


  • 6″ rectangular shape
  • Solid stainless steel 304
  • Satin brushed finish
  • Free of sharp edge

Sehrgut Flush Pull is a fantastic item that fits with most of the external and internal doors: sliding barn doors, pocket doors, and bi-fold door applications. This classic style flush pull also looks wonderful on furniture, cabinets and kitchen applications.

It solid stainless steel 304 with satin-brushed finish that will always shine and never gets rust. The back of the pull is real rectangular shape offering a perfect concealed fix into the wood door. The beautiful surface fits all texture of wood doors and furniture.

Importantly, the design is very effective. Especially, all edges and the surface feare finely and carefully chamfered with hand polish. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate the smooth, soft, and quality feeling to touch this pull.

This modern flush pull offers you hassle-free installation. It fits into the ½-inch deep hole by glue or 2 screws. These screws are not visible on the top surface.


  • Elegant design with high-end made
  • Reliable performance
  • Modern and functional
  • User-friendly & cost-effective
  • Touch smoothly and softly


  • Need better screws

4. Best Pocket Privacy Door Pull – IDH by St. Simons 25411-005

IDH by St. Simons 25411 005


  • Premium Quality Solid Brass
  • Color: Antique brass
  • Door thickness: 1-3/8 to 1-3/4-inch
  • Fully reversible

Next, we have this premium quality pocket privacy door pull from the industry leader, Idaho. IDH 25411-005 is a perfect choice for those who want elegance in solid brass finish at great prices.

This door pull is a popular item that comes in fourteen colors to match any home décor. Especially crafter beautiful finishes add the right touch of elegance to your pocket door. It features premium quality solid brass construction that ensures long-lasting strength and durability in the product.

25411-005fits a standard pocket door with thickness 1-3/8 to 1-3/4-inch.  This door pull is fully reversible and easy to install.


  • Looks great
  • Sturdy
  • Easy installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Turn knob on both sides to unlock

5. Johnson Pocket Door Track / Sliding Door Hardware – Johnson Hardware 100PD (72″)

Johnson Hardware 100PD


  • Made in the USA
  • ANSI certified
  • Capacity 125 pounds
  • Door thickness 1-inch
  • Adjustable sizing

Johnson Hardware brings this 100PD (72″) commercial grade top hung pocket door hardware. 100PD is a stylish, high-quality and long-lasting addition to your pocket door. The components include hardware, locksets, doorknob, and door-lock replacement parts.

100PD is ideal for on-site custom sliding or pocket door installations. The easy-to-follow instructions make installation of this hardware a breeze. Even a novice can install this hardware.

This hardware is designed to be adapted for use with various interior wall materials and wall thickness. You can cut down this model to accommodate custom size doors. It’s compa for door weighing up to 125 pounds.

The durability of 100PD top hung is top-notch. The aluminum track with convex rails is suitable for one door operation. What’s more, the steel components are built to last.

Additionally, its solid nylon hanger wheels feature fluid motion that ensures smooth rolling across the track. Finally, Johnson pocket door hardware is proudly made in the USA to offer you the quality that you can trust.


  • Commercial grade
  • Made from Solid materials
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth operation
  • Patented design
  • Built to last


  • Requires cutting into the wall

6. Best Pocket Door Track – Hartford Building Products HBP-S1

Hartford Building Products HBP S1


  • 250 lb. capacity
  • Door thickness of 1″
  • Fits 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 interior wall
  • Includes ball bearing hangers
  • Jump proof precision extruded ‘box’ track

Hartford Building Products Series 1 HBP is a new and Improved Ball Bearing Rollers with Axles. This single but versatile track system is designed for “on-the-job” construction of pocket doors. Additionally, it’s usable in combination with other components or itself for special installation of sliding door.

Series 1 HBP comes with zinc plated heavy-gauge steel components that offers a quality appearance. It’s suitable for 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inch thick pocket doors that weigh up to 250 pounds.

Installation of this track is simple and easy. The set includes door track, guides, hanger and other hardware required for installation.

It is an adjustable and detachable 4-wheel door hanger. The extruded aluminum door track features convex rails that allow the pocket door to open/ close smoothly.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended product.


  • Commercial grade
  • Heavy- duty
  • Easy to install
  • Simple but sturdy


  • Nothing found

7. Best Ball Bearing Hanger – Johnson Hardware 1125

Johnson Hardware 1125


  • Commercial Grade
  • 200 lb (91 kg) Capacity
  • 1 Inch (25mm) Wheel
  • Top Mount Hanger Plate
  • Made of steel
  • Plated-steel finish

If your pocket door is too difficult to open/close, then this ball bearing Hanger from Johnson Hardware makes all the difference!  The wheel rolls smoothly and effortlessly down the track. It helps the door slides so softly that it actually almost will close on its own.

Johnson Hardware 1125 ball bearing is compatible with 100, 134F, 138F, 2610F Series Track. It’ll increase your door’s weight capacity up to 200lb by using the ball-bearing hanger.

This hanger is designed to be used with your home’s 1500 series frame. It’s also compatible with 100, 134F, 138F, 2610F Series Track. This pocket door privacy latch is made of metal instead of plastic.

The 1125 hangers are one of the best items for sliding/ pocket doors with the wide track.


  • Smooth operation
  • Fairly easy installation
  • Built to last
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee


  • Nothing found

8. Best Pocket Sliding Door Bolt – Ives by Schlage 42B15

Ives by Schlage 42B15


  • Brass construction
  • Spring activated design
  • Satin Nickel finish

Schlage 42B15 is a very simple but effective solution to locking a pocket door.  It is an excellent alternative to conventional best pocket door locks where you need the option to secure your pocket door from both sides.

The exclusive design of this bolt allows the emergency release from outside of the door. The bolt is spring-activated that means it offers you feather-touch action.

Schlage 42B15 is made of polished brass. The satin nickel clear-coated brass enables the door handle to remain sleek.

It remains hidden and attaches to the back end of the pocket door. So, it’s only visible from the inside when the door is closed.

Ives hardware door bolt is easy to install. There is no hardware needed for clunky door jamb connector.


  • Simple design
  • Well-built
  • Very handy
  • Functional


  • Need some minor skills and tools to install

9. Best Pocket Door Handle and Pull – Prime-Line Products N 7238

Prime-Line Products N 7238


  • Made in the USA
  • Solid brass construction
  • Satin nickel-plated finish
  • Die-cast pull hook

If you’re looking for a great pull for your non-locking pocket door, then this item is definitely an excellent option for you.

N 7238 is well-made, nicely finished solid hardware. The solid brass construction of the pull ensures that it’ll uphold the Prime-Line standard of excellence.

The depth of the finger slot is 7/32-inch. It’ll enhance the door’s movement and overall functionality. Moreover, the satin nickel-plated finish will bring a contemporary style to you home décor improving the look of your pocket door. It provides a stylish and sleek accent to any wood type or color door.

N 7238 door pull is very simple to install. It fits perfectly 1-3/8 in. to 1-3/4 in. thick doors. It includes a die-cast pull hook and comes complete with fasteners for quick installation.

Finally, this pocket door handle and pull is guaranteed to last. It comes with one year warranty against any manufacturer defects for extra peace of mind.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Very nice quality
  • Good looking
  • Simple installation
  • Good price


  • Nothing for the price

10. Best Flush Pull Handle – Tibres – 17.1

Tibres 17.1


  • Made of heavy-duty solid steel
  • Frosted black finish
  • No chiseling in the door needed

Here’s is a handy flush pull handle for pocket door that has many different uses. It’s perfect for both residential and commercial interior and exterior door. It fits with sliding barn door, pocket door, cabinet door, closet and drawers. Tibres barn door flush pull is compatible with steel, aluminum or timber doors.

This barn door pull handle is made of high-quality solid steel that makes it highly durable. The universal design perfectly matches with the design in the style of industrial, rustic or modern. What’s more, it has a frosted black finish which is anti-corrosion.

Installing this pull is a breeze. It sits flat directly against the surface of the door with just two screws (one at each end). No chiseling or deepening is needed to install this pull handle.


  • Very well-made
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Multi-functional


  • The grab is a little shallow

Buying Guide

When shopping for the right Pocket Door Hardware, it’s important to consider some factors.

Door Thickness

When it comes to pocket door hardware, there is no one size fits all option. Learn or take the accurate thickness of your pocket door. Then, opt for the hardware that will fit your pocket door.

Size and Design

You should choose the hardware that won’t block ant doorways once installed. The good news is most of the pocket door hardware kits are slim and designed so that they won’t get in your way.


Pocket door hardware materials play an important role to cater to the type of pocket door material you’re using. Choose the right material hardware that is suitable for your pocket door material (wooden, metal, glass and so on)

Weight Capacity

Pocket door hardware, especially pocket door track and rollers come with their weight capacity. You also need to establish the weight of the door to ensure the hardware you’ve chosen is capable of taking its weight. The weight limit is determined by the type of materials used to produce the hardware components. The higher the quality of the materials, the higher is the capacity.


It’s a plus if your chosen hardware is easy to install. Select the one that you can easily install by following the instruction. Otherwise, you have to spend more money to hire a professional to install it.


Different pocket door hardware comes with different prices. In most cases, the price depends on the quality of the hardware materials. It’s wise to set a budget on how much you’re capable of spending.

Once you’ve got the best rated pocket door hardware or best pocket door kit, it’s your turn to install it properly.

7 Easy Steps How to Install Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket Door Hardware installation mainly depends on which hardware (handle, door pull, track, pocket door hardware lock, etc.) you have. However, there are some common steps that you need to follow no matter what hardware kit you’re going to install.

Step 1: Measure up

For installing most of the pocket door hardware, you have to know the opening height, opening width along with the pocket door thickness. The specifications that come with the item will help in assisting you with what hardware is suitable for your measurements.

Step 2: Create an opening for the hardware to fit

This step mainly depends on the type of hardware you have on hand.

For example, for installing door pull, you may need to create an opening into one of the edges of the door for the pull to fit in. Some larger door pull set may require you to cut into the wall.

You won’t need to create opening to fit the hardware to your door if it fits nicely into the space allotted for the doorknob.

Step 3: Pocket door header and track installation

Firstly, know what size header and track you need. For this, read the manual provided with the pocket door hardware. As a general rule, the larger door will need a larger header. If your purchased header is too long to fit your doorway, you can use a hacksaw to fix it.

Step 4: Install the split studs

The split studs are simply the vertical frames that go both below and above the door. It creates the room for the door to go through when it’s being used. For smooth operation of your sliding pocket door, it’s essential to install the split stud properly.

Step 5: Secure the setup of the pocket door by using brackets

You need to secure the entire setup of your pocket door. For this you’ll need to use brackets. These are also essential to install the wheels to the tracks.

While installing brackets, make sure that you attached them to the doorway properly. Faulty installation of brackets may lead to your pocket door malfunctioning.

Step 6: Pocket door Wheels and guide installation

Now it’s time to hang the pocket door for operation. You need to use wheels to hang the door itself. Make sure that you attach the brackets to the wheels.

You also need to install the guide for the bottom part of the pocket door.

Step 7: Install the other pocket door accessories

At this step, install the other accessories such as handle, door lock, door pull to use the pocket door smoothly. Round pocket door locks are comparatively easy to install. However, setting the door pull isn’t so troublesome.

Once you’ve completed installing a pocket door and all your hardware, try it out several times to ensure that it’s working properly and safely.

What is Pocket Door Hardware

Best Pocket Door Hardware

There are several types of items/ parts/ hardware available to prepare and install a pocket door. These items/ parts are commonly known as pocket door hardware. These types of hardware are essential for installing and operating the pocket door smoothly and safely. Pocket door hardware are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and finishes.


Hope, you found this well-researched top 10 list helpful in your search for the best pocket door hardware.

Accent your home or office’s interior or exterior doors with this best quality hardware.

Thanks for reading!

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