6 Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2024

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Do you love to enjoy yourself while in the shower or tub? But tired of hearing the loud noise of your bath vent fan?

Looking for something that’s both efficient to remove all humidity from the bathroom and not so loud?

Thankfully, a quiet bath fan can undoubtedly do the trick!

In this article, we’ve shortlisted 6 best quiet bathroom exhaust fans that strike a good balance between efficiency and noise rating.

Go through our in-depth quiet bathroom exhaust fan review. We hope you’ll find the right one to meet your needs.

Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan Reviews

Shopping for the right model may get stressful for you. Doubts may roll over your head and confuse you.  Moreover, proper research is essential before buying the best silent ventilation fans for yourself.

We’ve been through the entire journey of silent vent fan research, which has enabled us to shortlist 6 top options available in the market these days.

We’ve tried out best to provide 100% accurate and unbiased information.

So, let’s give it a go.

1. Broan-Nutone QTX110HL Very Quiet Heater, Fan, and Light Combo

Broan-Nutone QTX110HL

Broan-Nutone QTX110HL is one of the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater. This model is popular for its unique combination of ventilation with the super-quiet operation, powerful heating, and lighting.

With 110 CFM rating, this unit effectively reduces moisture in bath spaces up to 105 sq.ft. And this powerful fan does its job ultra-silently. It runs as low as 0.9 sones ratings.

Additionally, it’ll keep your bathroom free from dampness and warm. Thanks to the high output 1500-Watt heater with exclusive power heater design.

It provides maximized heat output and years of quality use. Conveniently, you can select instant heat when you needed.

QTX110HL offers you two lighting systems. Bright 120-watt lighting illuminates your bathroom to help you to perform bathroom activities. And the nightlight (7-watt) allows you to use the bathroom at dark without putting the main light on.

The metal blower wheel ensures superior performance. The permanently lubricated motor is designed for continuous operation.

You don’t have to worry about turning it on every day. You can operate it by an optional wall-mount controller or built-in adjustable thermostat.

Furthermore, it’s no great trouble to install the unit. The unit requires only 2″ x 8″ construction space. And you can install it over the bathtub or shower with the GFCI circuit.

What’s more, the white polymeric grille nicely blends into any décor to compliments it.

To sum up, Broan-Nutone QTX110HL is a powerful bathroom exhaust fan light combo that offers super-silent performance.


  • 3-in-1 functions
  • Engineered for continuous operation
  • Exclusive heating option
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Rugged galvanized steel housing
  • Require no maintenance
  • HVI certified
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Bulb not included
  • Priced a little high

2. Panasonic WhisperCeiling FV-20VQ3 Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic WhisperCeiling FV-20VQ3 Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic FV-20VQ3 ceiling surface mount bathroom exhaust fan does an amazing job of removing steam from a large space. And it is unbelievably quiet.

When installed, this single-speed fan quickly ventilates large volume air from up to 200 square feet area. You can use this model both for light-duty commercial and residential purposes. Thankfully, it’ll always offer you the promised 190 CFM power rating as listed.

In spite of its powerful CFM output, it’s powerfully quiet! Yes, you’ve heard that right.

The dolphin shaped bladed blower wheel is wide enough to move a sufficient amount of air SILENTLY. It runs at whisper-quiet 1.3 sones audio levels. That means you’ll barely know the device is ON.

This Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan is built-to last. It’ll give you trouble-free, continuous operation for many years to come.

The heavy-gauge steel housing adds to its durability. The zinc galvanized body is painted to protect it from rust. Thanks to its premium-quality components.

Additionally, it features an enclosed condenser that allows the unit to run at a lower temperature that extends the bearing- and motor life. Of course, the motor is permanently lubricated which wear at a significantly slower pace.

It’s worth noting that this model includes a built-in damper that prevents backdraft.

There is no worry about the Panasonic fv-20vq3 installation. And the installation is EASY-especially in remodeling applications. Conveniently, your installation is open up for shower or tub enclosure.

Moreover, it incorporates detachable adaptors to give you flexibility in duct layout and design. The mounting brackets are adjustable up to 26-in which makes it ideal for positioning the fan exactly where you want it.

FV-20VQ3 uses less energy, which will save you money. It’s nice to know that the unit comes with 3 years warranty from the manufacturer. And the design is also available in a 290 cfm rating.

Above all, WhisperCeiling 190 CFM is a high performing, energy-efficient large room bath fan. For the money, it defeats all others.


  • High-quality component
  • Superior performance
  • Galvanized housing with rust proof paint
  • Rated for continuous use
  • User-friendly installation
  • Energy Star Compliant


  • No light included
  • Some users complained that installation was a little more complicated.

3. KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan, SE140TL2


If you’re looking for the best quiet bathroom exhaust fan with led light, you shouldn’t miss this model from the KAZE appliance.

This 150 cfm bathroom fan with light not only removes moisture from the bathroom or home but also provides overhead lighting as well.

Thanks to its 11-watt LED light. The warm white temperature of this light (2700K) ensures a cozy and calm ambiance. Additionally, the 2-watt LED night light will help you find your way through the room in the dark.

It has an airflow of 150 CFM that makes it perfect for large-sized bathrooms. No worry! You can use this device without disturbing other people in the house. It offers quiet operation at 1.1 sones noise level.

High-quality components make this unit long-lasting. The condenser motor runs at lower temperatures. Ultimately, this feature enhances the life of bearings and motor.

Moreover, the painted and rugged 26 GA galvanized steel housing make it rust-proof and durable. Of course, the permanently lubricated motor ensures trouble-free, continuous operation. No maintenance required at all once you’ve installed the device.

You won’t have a hard time installing this stuff. It offers fast, easy, and universal installation in different types of constructions. Conveniently, you can adjust the heavy-duty triple point mounting brackets up to 24-inch joist centers.

And you can wire the fan, LED light and nightlight combinedly or individually to wall switches. It includes a 6-inch round duct adapter with a built-in backdraft damper.

Finally, this unit is compliant with HVI, CEC, ETL-CETL guidelines.

To summarize, KAZE APPLIANCE SE90TL2 works very well, and it’s so quiet that you can barely tell it’s on. It also looks nice in anybathroom decor. The LED and night lighting options is a nice bonus too. So far, everything is perfect. Overall, a nice unit!


  • Pretty good construction
  • Good lighting
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy Star qualified
  • ETL-CETL, HVI certified
  • Double hanger mounting bars included
  • 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects


  • Nightlight is a little too bright for the purpose.

4. Aero Pure A515A W Quiet Bathroom Fan

Aero Pure A515A W Quiet Bathroom Fan

Aero Pure is committed to providing ventilation fans with the newest technology. Their bath fans are quiet, energy-efficient, and affordable. And this A515A W model is no different.

Aero Pure A515A W is a medium room bath fan. It comes with a powerful 80 CFM fan that exhausts excess moisture, and those nasty smell out air from your bath spaces within minutes.

The built-in backdraft damper stops outside air from entering into your home or bath space through the fan. Conveniently, you can turn the fan on without the heat and vice versa.

And it does the job efficiently and of course quietly. The 1.0 sone rating enables this powerful unit to operate almost silently, and you’ll hardly notice it’s working.

This stuff lets you enjoy relaxing shower in winters. It instantly warm your bathroom when you step out of the shower. Thanks to its two included 270W anti-blast heat lamps that help to warm your bathroom quickly, and evenly.

A 60W incandescent bulb adds good light to the bathroom as well! Another neat feature of this product is its motor is equipped with thermal shutoff.

A515A W Aero Pure is well-built and durable. The aluminum reflective coating not only prevents overheating but also enhances lighting output.

Finally, there’s no need to worry about the Aero Pure A515A installation. You can easily detach the motor from housing for wiring and installation.

It comes included with mounting brackets and a three-function switch. Of course, you can wire the fan, light, and heater separately.

What’s more, the steel housing is water-, heat-, mildew- and rust-proof that adds to its durability. It’s also available in white, oil rubbed bronze, and silver finishes to match your home decor.

All in all, A515A is a pretty great product for the price. It’s a high-quality combination heater 2-light bathroom fan that ventilates medium spaces like a nursery or laundry room. We definitely recommend it!


  • Contemporary designed
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Very low noise levels
  • Installation friendly
  • Water-resistant finish
  • Lights included
  • Reasonable price


  • Installation required a licensed professional
  • Requires a dedicated 10-amp circuit breaker
  • No nightlight option

5. Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Next, we have an excellent ULTRA QUIET option from the reputable manufacturer Akicon. This unit is designed for high efficiency and quiet operation.

This traditional style low profile decorative unit features a steel pan grille with frosted glass lens cover. The design will go with any kind of interior that you have. You can set it up anywhere you like inside your home.

With 110 CFM rating, it provides powerful ventilation for rooms up to 100 sq.ft. It efficiently reduces excess moisture and humidity and circulates air to fight odors.

Noise will never again be an issue for you while saving or taking a bath as the fan runs at as low as 1.5 sones. You will hardly notice that it’s running!

The molded high impact painted steel plate housing is durable and rust-resistance. 100% copper motor ensures its long-life working.

The lighting option of this unit will complement the already existing light system. It includes three GU24 13Watt CFL bulbs.

Fortunately, you don’t have to switch the main lights on while you rush to the bathroom for an emergency. Thanks to its 4watt E12 nightlight.

It offers you flexible installations. You can control three functions by three individual switches. But, if you don’t like to separate the three functions, you can connect the light and fan together on one switch. And you can use another switch for a nightlight.

This model is cUL listed, meaning you can install it over shower and tub area as long as it’s hooked up to a circuit with GFI protection.

It’s worth noting that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of this product with a full 3 years warranty.


  • Traditional design
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Strong airflow
  • Long lifetime 15,000 hours
  • UL, HVI and Energy Star certified


  • Professional installation recommended

6. Win Air 14-13A Ultra Quiet Ventilation Fan

Win Air 14-13A Ultra Quiet Ventilation Fan

If you’re looking for a quiet, reliable yet affordable bathroom fan, then look no further. Win Air 14-13A fits the bill. Its excellent designed turbo fan ensures high-efficiency and quiet operation.

Win Air 14-13A is a perfect option for ventilating a modest-sized bath or powder room. It ventilates moisture and odor out of your bath space efficiently at 70 CFM.

Of course, it’s very quiet at an amazing 0.3 sones noise level. In fact, it’s one of the best quietest bathroom fans for a small space you can buy.

You’ll hardly note the presence of this device, but you can only feel that your bath space is more comfortable. Thanks to its quiet nature and compact size.

The high-impact plated housing is rust resistance. Moreover, the galvanized bracket ensures the durability for years to come.

Installing this unit is hassle-free. It works perfectly with 4-inch ducts, and it nicely fits into 9.4 x 9.4 inches ceiling opening. Of course, it UL listed for tub/shower enclosures when protected by a GFCI outlet.

When installed, the white grill will complement any bathroom decor.

Overall, it’s an awesome priced fan with the solid build quality.


  • Powerful for small bathroom
  • Easy for DIY installation
  • Quietest operation
  • Engineered for safety
  • Affordable price


  • Though installation is easy, the instructions aren’t very clear.

5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Silent Ventilation Fan

Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Shopping for the right low-noise exhaust fan can be exhausting. However, considering some essential factors may help you to get the perfect one for your needs.

  • Sone Rating

It’s the most important factor to consider while shopping for a low-noise model. Generally, the lower the sone rating, the silent the vent fan. A model with 1.0 sone rating or less is considered very quiet, whereas 4.0 sones rating is noisy.

If you want a silent exhaust fan, you should go for a model that is rated at about 1.5 sones or less.

To summarize,

  • 0.5 to 1.0 sones- Exceptionally quiet
  • to 1.5 sones- Quiet
  • 1.5 to 2.0 sones- Acceptable for residential use
  • 2 to 4 sones- Noisy
  • 4.0+ sones-Pretty loud

Of course, a really quiet model might not ventilate the air efficiently. So, for silent operation, you should go for a low- sone number.

  • Choose by Room Size/ Airflow Capacity

Here another consideration comes in airflow capacity or CFM. Primarily, we recommend at least 1 cfm to ventilate per square foot of space. Based on this, for a bathroom with 50 to 79 sq.ft area, you’ll need a model with a 50 to 80 cfm rating.

  • 50 CFM- enough for bathrooms up to 50 square feet.
  • 50 to 79 CFM- works well for the modest-sized bath or powder room from 50 to 79 sq.ft. area (1 CFM for every 1 square foot)
  • 80 to 99 CFM- Medium room bath fan, suitable for a nursery or laundry room from 80 to 99 sq.ft.
  • 100CFM or more- Larger room bath fan, for home theater, rec room, or master bath from 100 sq. ft and up

Keep in mind that a bigger bathroom will require a model with a higher CFM rating to ventilate the room efficiently.

  • 3. Mounting options

This type of ventilation fan offers you three mounting options. These can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted and both. Among them, the ceiling mounting installation is the most common. However, choose the right choice that will work best with your bathroom construction.

  • Energy Efficiency

Operating a bath vent fan may increase your electricity bills. However, using an energy-star rated model can help you minimize energy use.

Usefully, an energy-efficient model can save up to 70% of your total electricity cost.

To learn whether it’s energy-efficient or not, check the product’s specification for energy star certification.

  • Price

The noise rating and airflow capacity may affect the price of low noise choices.  However, irrespective of your budget, there’s a silent bath fan available in the market that’ll meet your needs.

The quietest model may come with a relatively higher price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend you go for a model with a little higher sone rating. Unfortunately, a cheap exhaust fan with a standard CFM rating may come with a higher sone rating.

A model with 1.0 to 1.5 sone rating is quiet enough to run, and most of them come at a reasonable price.

More Tips

  • If your bath decor only have a vanity light fixture and you need more lighting but don’t want to install a separate light fixture, a bathroom exhaust fan with light can be a great source of additional lighting.
  • A bathroom exhaust fan with heater will improve warm air circulation in your bathroom.
  • A bathroom exhaust fan with a humidity sensor automatically turns on the fan when it senses excess humidity.
  • If you live in a multi-story house and plan to install the vent fan in the top story bathroom, you’ll need to duct the fan through the attic to the outside.
  • On the other hand, installing the unit in the bathroom of the first story of a multi-story house will require to vent it through the side wall of the house.
  • If you like to listen to your favorite music in the shower or bath, but worried about the water-sensitive devices, exhaust fan with bluetooth speaker is an excellent option for you.


Why Are Most Bathroom Fans So Loud?

Inside the bath fan, there is a motor to control the fan blade. The fan blade pulls air from the room and expels it out.
Old models tend to be noisy. Additionally, cheap options use low-quality parts to keep the price low. That means, old models and low-cost options are cost-effective but make a loud noise while running.
The vent fans that use a 3-inch duct have to work much harder to push air through the small hole that causes louder sound.

What Is the Specialty of a Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

The quiet vent fans are very similar to other bathroom ventilation fans except for the fact that they are designed to run quietly.
In general, a silent option comes with higher-end motors, which are much more efficient than their older counterparts that significantly decrease the noise level. The motor may be an ECM controlled motor or brushless DC motor.
Brushless motor is one that affects the sound level of a fan. Models with brushless motor are silent while running as there are no brushes to rub against other parts of the fan. As long as the motor itself is quiet, the fan will run silently.
Additionally, most of the models of silent vent fan come with 4-inch or 6-inch vent hose rather than the standard 3-inch duct. Larger size vent pipe can ventilate more air with less energy consumption. It also helps to reduce the noise level dramatically.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust Fan That Has Sufficient Ventilation Capacity and Still Quiet

A perfect vent fan should be both efficient and quiet.

But practically powerful fans always don’t run silently. On the other hand, the quietest fans are not always effective in removing humid air out.

So, how to compare the efficiency and noise level of a bath exhaust fan?

For best ventilation output and comfort, your bath fan should ventilate sufficient amounts of air at a lower noise level. Although fan efficiency and noise are not proportional to each other, there is a correlation between them.

In general, with the increase of the ventilated air volume or CFM rating, the noise rating or sones will also increase.

Most of the models with 80 CFM rating or less, come with 0.3 sones while 140 CFM or more rated fans have 1.0 sone rating.

But the evaluation isn’t that easy.

We can divide sones by CFM rating to get a better view of this concept.

The lower the CFM-per-Sone, the better is the performance. For example, a model has 1 CFM capacity and 1.0 sone. Then the produced CFM-per-Sone rating will be 1.

A model with 1.0 sone rating can ventilate 2 CFM, the CFM/Sone rating will be (2/1= 0.5) 0.5.

Quiet Bath Fan Troubleshooting

Problem 1: “My bath fan is already installed, but the bad news is it is making sound while running.”

“Can I fix it?”

Solution: The chances are that your bath fan requires a little screw tightening.

  • Switch off the unit and turn off the power.
  • Detach the grill.
  • Grasp the unit with hand
  • Try to move the fan side to side or up and down

If it moves, it can be easy to fix.

Tighten the screws carefully.

Unfortunately, if the fan doesn’t move while you wiggle it, maybe it’s a poor quality model. In this case, you have to replace the unit with a high-quality one.

Problem 2: “My fan was quiet, but recently it becomes noisy.”

Solution: The fan motor could be dirty, or there is dirt, dust, or crud in the fan.

Clean up the debris by using a hand vacuum.

Start the fan and check the noise improves.

If you notice no improvement, unfortunately, the motor is dying. Most of the cases you may need to replace the motor only.


These six options are excellent for the quality to price ratio. They are not only reliable but also good looking. Obviously, they will meet all your bathroom ventilation needs QUIETLY.

So, if you want your ventilation fan won’t bother you with noise issues, any of this six best quiet bathroom exhaust fans can be a great choice.

We hope this list was helpful to you.

If you have any suggestions or think we left out one that is excellent, let us know.

Thanks for reading!