7 Best over the Toilet Storage Cabinets of 2023 Review

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Do you have unused space over your toilet? Do you feel this ardently that this space be filled with toiletries and essentials organized in shelves?

For your information, over the commode cabinet is a piece of simple furniture that can serve this purpose and relieve you of your clumsier toilet decorations.

Got any clue of what I am referring too?

YES, this is a storage cabinet to place in the wall above your toilet or elsewhere in the bathroom. But you need to find the over the toilet storage cabinet for this. Now, the inevitable question is how to get the best bathroom space saver? It is no doubt a time-consuming and tiring process to follow.

But we have come out with 7 over the toilet storage cabinet reviews after a thorough research every one of which will answer your toilet storage to the full. The buying guide will equip you with the knowledge to learn the crucial considerations to reach the best over the toilet cabinet for you.

From the product-studded furniture stores and myriads of storage cabinets, seven top quality and feature-rich bathroom cabinets are narrowed down. Now, Browse the reviews below to select your one.

1. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Space Saver – Best Bathroom Shelves

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Space Saver

The first toilet cabinet or shelves, we start our review part with, feature pragmatic design and provide all the benefits. The benefits that you will want to buy it for at your earliest convenience. Needn’t wait, the features and opportunities include quality materials, maximum storage space, doorless open shelves, intelligent design, and above all the guarantee and warranty.

Won’t you grab premium quality material?

The solid wood is the material the storage cabinet is made of. Therefore, the durability is confirmed and it can withstand all bathroom use and abuse. To your surprise, the shelves feature a craft to produce a lasting appeal along with an extended storage life.

Can’t wait for the design, style, and décor!

By the same line with quality material, the utility design along with the slim shelves maximizes the storage space of this bathroom cabinet. This results in an elegant look to beautify the toilet interior.

The stand out feature you will repeatedly consider is its space-saving décor and stylish look. The open shelf is a popular bathroom cabinet feature now that enables you to look and reach for any essential at need without wasting seconds. Moreover, you can store urgent products at your eye level so that you can check them at a glance.


  • a minimal 20 lbs weight to mount the walls conveniently
  • organize towel, tissue, and candles easily at hands’ reach
  • the universal feat dimension 25.1*10*61.5 inches
  • smart design and stylish look
  • easy assembling and soft white coating


  • Toilet water line not considered while building
  • Reports of wrong drilling at assembling

2. Target Marketing 23040NAT- Best Bamboo Space saver

Target Marketing 23040NAT- Best Bamboo Space saver

Have utility and art at one go by opting for Target Marketing 23040NAT Space Saver and you will not regret the cost.

This is one of the higher rated cabinets in this category but the best one. This bamboo made cabinet has the natural bamboo color look and stylish design. More shelves add up extra storage. You can keep your towels, shampoo bottles, toiletries and more conveniently. The door panel will make it secure in your cabinet.

The natural finish of this bamboo cabinet looks lucrative in design. There is also an adjustable shelf along with an open one which is fixed at the bottom. The overall height is perfect for your regular design bathroom. Enough height ensures the space above the toilet for the cabinet. This natural style storage mixes the nature and modern style in bathroom decoration.

Rated it to be the best!

It can be considered the best one of these racks described by far. It has earned the highest rate at Amazon. In the same rush, the natural look of this rack has a great appeal to the customers. It also saves extra space on your rest room. To amaze us, the minimalistic design helps to decorate your bathroom with a fabulous look.

Size and Weight- Superbly OKAY.

For your information, this wooden construction bamboo colored modern style cabinet has a perfect dimension to fit in your toilet. It measures 10″ Length, 27.6″ width and 66.8″ height. The 33 pound of weight of this cabinet is greatly helpful for its stability. Considering all the factors – natural materials, artistic design, and ample space, this is the most popular and highest-rated over-the-toilet storage cabinet.


  • Ample storage with 3 shelves.
  • Lucrative design.
  • Perfect fit for any standard bathroom.
  • Stable and durable enough.


  • Bamboo construction is not as sturdy and solid as hardwood but still a preference for artistic look and storage purpose.

3. Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Shelved Bathroom – Best Wall Mounted

3. Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Shelved Bathroom – Best Wall Mounted

Yes, let us end one word – Elegant – standing for all you want from a bathroom cabinet.

Elegant Home Dawson Collection Bathroom cabinet is endowed with Storage Cubby and White cabinet storage. The construction and design are so adaptable that it can fit all standard toilets. So you don’t need to be concerned about your design. Let’s dig in for more details about Dawson Collection Shelved Bathroom Space-Saver.

Lack nothing at all! Let’s check.

The size is also perfect for your “over the toilet” measurement.

The dimension is 8 inches in length, 25 inches in width and 68 inches in height. The weight is a go-between – 44.5 pounds. This is neither a colossal one impossible to move at need nor too lightweight to shift or shake at a simple touch.

This wood constructed cabinet is the best over the toilet storage cabinet featured with premium quality hardware, chubby and adaptable shelf, sturdy MDF construction, and smart designs. The above-the-average smart engineering is the paneled doors added by crisscrossed windows on their top.

the two legs support this ample storage rack. It is a lucrative storage option to the buyers with a classy design, stable and sturdy materials. Charming white finish with minimalistic look provides eye-catchy decorative impact. Not to ignore its Added Security.

In addition, the paneled doors offer to secure the cabinet. These magnetic doors come with Pre-hung hinges on it. Along with the nominal set up, this is a combo of an elegant look, saving space, and convenient usability.


  • Perfect measurement to fit in your toilet.
  • Simple Design with Ample Storage
  • Adjustable shelf for extra storage.
  • Sturdy and stable construction.


  • The legs are not as sturdy as the cabinet but are reported to be an issue yet.

4. Best Choice Products Toilet Space Saver – Modern Over the toilet storage

Best Choice Products Toilet Space Saver

Have you had modern feel transmitted in you from a piece of furniture? Here you go with one such. Amazing Design and Decorative!

It is the best choice for its spectacular design and decorative impact on your bathroom. You might discover that it is the best space saver with multiple shelves and allow storage for a different type of items. To your amazement, you can categorize your items while organizing those on this adjustable shelf.

This product is mostly compatible with standard toilets. Higher than other products of this category, it develops a perfect fit cabinet for over the toilet space. Let’s check for more details about this beautiful and crisp white cabinet.

This contemporary over the toilet cabinet comes with fabulous design and crisp white color inspiring an elegant look. The multiple shelves provide ample space to store your items comfortably. To add to that line, Wainscot finish provides with an exquisite look that soothes your eyes.

Construction and Material- I liked it.

External doors with framed panel increase the safety for unstable items. The medium density fiberboard construction ensures the durability. In addition, the dimension makes it a great space saver. This average density fiberboard cabinet weighs 29.5 pounds and features dimensions of 23.25″ length, 7.25″ width, and 69″ height.

Backed by a beadboard panel to the back, practical design, and adjustable shelves, this storage cabinet is a preferred abode of towels, toilet tissues, soap, and other washroom varieties.


  • Crisp white color gives a clean and decorative feel.
  • MDF construction confirms extra durability.
  • No clutter and save extra space usage in your bathroom.
  • Wainscot finish makes it lucrative.
  • More height than other over-the-toilet cabinets.


  • Some customers complain about stability but it is too rare to get worried;
  • Assembling is not as easier as they say.

5. Household Essentials 3 Tier Storage Rack – Cheap over the Toilet Storage

Household Essentials 3 Tier Storage Rack

You will be amused and amazed at our second bathroom space saver.

This Household Essential 3 Tier Rack offers a lot of open space for your bathroom decoration at a cheap price. The metal-built shelf is perfect for extra stability and durability. To continue, open shelves allow more spaces to display your items to check and reach easily. By the same line, the decorative impact of this product brings you the modern feel for your bathroom backed by the elegant look.

Sturdy, free-standing, and storage to excel!

This sturdy and freestanding rack is a perfect fit for your regular bathroom as well as other spaces in your house. The compact size will allow you to save more space. For your bathroom, the storage is enough to carry almost all of your items conveniently.

The 3-tier shelves enable you to categorize your items in them. You don’t need to search for your required things in your emergency. To put it clearer, the expanded shelves with mesh support are meant for organizing.

Isn’t it a breeze – Compact and Lightweight?

The dimension of this top quality toilet cabinet is a great fit for a standard toilet featuring 65.5″ height, 23.5″ width and 11″ depth. To your comfort, it weighs only 14 pounds to hang on or rest against the bathroom wall with the toiletries in it.

Curved Decorative Top Adds to overall beauty

In line with all the statistics, features, and designs; the great convenience of easy and simple installation is just a gift to save your set-up cost. Last but not the least, the stand-out feature is its attractive curved top to place the decorative pieces.


  • Sturdy, stable, and elegant.
  • Metal frame increases the stability and durability.
  • Offers ample freestanding storage.
  • Easy assembly
  • Perfect fit for most of the standard bathroom.


  • Some customers complain about the shipping package that is a matter to be a bit careful about while packaging for shipment.

6. Simpli Home Avington Space Saver

Simpli Home Avington Space Saver

if you are after a stoare cabinet well-backed by desidn, construction and quality material, Simpli Home Avington is the right selection.

Simpli Home Avington is really great for its exquisite design and White lacquer finish. The high-quality hardware ensures the best service and satisfaction. The handle is well-constructed with contemporary brushed nickel which outsmarts other such products.

Storage? Pretty Much.

This cabinet provides sufficient storage in a compact space of your bathroom or other places. The doors follow the shaker style and the panels, as well as legs, present a decorative impact on your bathroom. You can easily store your frequently-used things on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.

To continue, this cabinet offers ample storage along with a stylish look for your bathroom. Now let’s talk about the features of Simpli Home Avington Space Saver Cabinet.

Great Numbers

Now the number will speak volume for its stability and sturdiness. The heavy storage cabinet features a dimension of 27″ length, 10″ width and 67″ height. It is heavier than the other over the toilet storage cabinet and weighs 46 pounds.

The assembly is quick and easy. You just have to read attentively the instructions provided with the shipping package.


  • Extra durable for a premium quality white lacquer finish.
  • Exquisite designs ensure the stylish look of your bathroom.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Fit for any standard bathroom.
  • Decorative Look with NC Premium & Lacquer Finish


  • Some customers complain about height and assembling.

7. Sorbus Bathroom Over the Toilet Storage Shelf

Sorbus Bathroom Over the Toilet Storage Shelf

This storage cabinet from the Sorbus is really elegant and sturdy for any room you need a storage shelf for. It would be a good fit for your laundry, bed or wasted living space.

Want to go sturdy? Go full metal with this.

You can depend on it without a doubt for its sturdy steel-built construction and premium quality hardware. In the same line, the industry-grade Brushed Handle made of Nickel adds both to the look and usability.

Less is more!

This multipurpose over the toilet cabinet is a solution for your compact and small spaces in your bathroom. It is freestanding to sit sturdily in any unused or leftover bathroom space. To add more, the powder coat finish makes it extra durable and corrosion resistant. The measurement can fit into any standard bathroom which has made it convenient for your toilet – 23.75 inches in length, 9.87 inches in width and 66 inches in height.

Never compromise with Style, will you?

The signature construction feature is the molded head and tapered leg. The legs will well support the cabinet if and when filled with toiletries and your essentials. You can put your washroom necessities on the molded top that do not come into use frequently. On top of that, the stylish fore and side panels increase the appeal to the eyes.

Despite a medium size, this is a lightweight storage cabinet and weighs only 10 pounds. It eliminates the clutter and offers easy organization of your items. It needs assembling with instruction provided by the manufacturer. Like all the cabinet products reviewed here, this one shares an easy installation.


  • Stable and perfectly optimize your small space.
  • Offers open vertical storage for displaying your essentials.
  • 3-tier shelf for added storage.
  • Simple Design with Ample Storage
  • No clutter and hassle-free organize.


  • Some customers complain about height and stability.

Best over the Toilet Storage Cabinet Buying Guide

Best over the Toilet Storage Cabinets

First of all, don’t go too literal for the word cabinet as we are actually after space saver above the toilet. Bathrooms are certainly the smallest and less-likely space to decorate a cabinet with toiletries there. But it can be just tidied up with the help of a storage cabinet. Remember that, before going for a storage cabinet for the unused space of your toilet, you should look for the following four things in and about the cabinet intended to buy. They include:

  • Functionality

When functionality is referred to, it obviously entails the design and style. A toilet cabinet can be open – without any sidebar or close – with sidebar and door. Both the type has its merits but a mix of the both can be a preferable option. Now a day, you can avail storage cabinet having open and enclosed shelves.

But a space saver having partial or full enclosed storage should be equipped with a convenient handle and magnetic knob. These two will enable you to shut and open with ease. Cabinets having doors and drawers should come well-ventilated or crisscrossed.

  • Durability

Durability stands for the lasting ability of the cabinet. Now the lasting depends on the materials, construction, and load hauling capacity of the cabinet. You should know how much load it can bear with and should never cross that limit. Otherwise, the shelves will sag or bend.

So far the materials are concerned; the manufactured wood, premium quality plastic, and steel are the very popular options. But you cannot predict the construction only a known brand and customer reviews can guarantee this.

  • Storage Space

Storage Space is totally a relative factor that merely depends on your requirements. It is your decision whether you will keep all your washroom toiletries in the cabinet or just the bare necessities. But if you like to store more things in a limited space then you should opt for open shelves without sidebar. Thus you can avoid the hassle of opening or closing the door of an enclosed cabinet.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews are the most crucial considerations while selecting an over the toilet storage cabinet. Only the customers who have already used the products can very accurately remark on the quality of the material or sturdiness of the construction. Both construction and material are significant and complementary to each other; they all together can give a longer lifespan for a storage cabinet. Check Amazon rating of the particular product and the customer reviews about that.

  • Price

No toilet storage cabinet will siphon off your wallet whatever high-end feature it comes with. All these are available at a budget price and you just need to compare the price of different offers. You can collect this from plenty of options from Amazon or other online markets.

Which is the best over the toilet storage cabinet of the seven?

The best storage cabinet for the toilet is a relative term. You may rather term it the right storage cabinet as your requirement for storage space may vary. Now, you are reading this part of the article is proof enough that you already have learned about the basic characteristics of the said product.

To answer the crucial question above, we can definitely say that any one of the seven products is the best. You yourself can choose the right one as per your available mounting space or necessary storage space.

Having said that, we can rate a cabinet to be the best that features advanced design and engineering. Going by this consideration, Target Marketing 23040NAT Bamboo among the non-metal and Sorbus Bathroom Over the Toilet Storage Shelf among the steel-made products are the best.

Whereas these two are the best of the best seven reviewed products, none of the rest is a deal breaker.


Q. Do Size & Weight capacity matter for over the toilet storage cabinet?

Ans: Yes. Size and weight matter significantly. You should go for the cabinet size that the available over-the-toilet-space matches well. Weight capacity is crucial as there are plastic cabinets that may fail your huge storage.

Q. What about Mount Type?

Ans: There are two mount types available – Wall Mount & Free-standing. Wall mount storage cabinet is for over-the-toilet or behind-the-toilet space. But if you need a bigger cabinet for which you don’t have space behind the commode, you can and should opt for a freestanding one. A free-standing storage cabinet may stand anywhere in the house.

Q. What is the space under the cabinet height?

Ans: The blank space up to the bottom shelf of the cabinet from the toilet floor is the said height. This is a crucial cabinet measurement. The height of the cabinet legs equals that height. Freestanding cabinets tend to lack that space.


We, in a team, have spent hours to conduct research and finally cut down to these 7 over the toilet storage cabinet reviews. These are the storage space primarily to fit on or against the wall above your toilet.

But some free-standing cabinets can find a place in other places in your house beside the important seat in your bathroom. So, all the seven products are the best over the toilet storage cabinets and several of them are the best storage cabinets either.