Chipping Away with Ease: Choosing the Best Gas-Powered Wood Chipper for Your Landscape

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When summer comes knocking, you are definitely going to find yourself with lots of pruning and cutting to do in your garden. A high-performance gas-powered wood chipper comes quite in handy when it comes to giving your garden some pleasant transformation. 

Well, truth is, there are plenty of good quality gas-powered brands out there in the market. With these several brands, you are likely to get spoilt for choice and that’s where we come in. In this article, we get to narrow down to the best gas powered wood chippers to save you the trouble having to scan through the thousands of brands in the market. 

Moreover, we also include their pros and cons to ensure that you make an informed decision the moment you go out shopping for one. 

Best Gas Wood Chipper Comparison

  • Best Multifunctional: Landworks Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder & Mulcher: A 3 in 1 wood chipper with a powerful 7HP 212 cc engine, top hopper for maximum shredding, side chute, vacuum cleaner, and polyurethane wheels that make it easy to transport.
  • Best Portable: SuperHandy GUO019-FBA-TR Ultra Heavy Duty: A super handy 3-in-1 Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher with 7-HP 209cc motor that is easy to transport around the yard, has a mulch ratio of 15:1, safe, and easy to use.
  • Best High Performance: GreatCircleUSA Multi-Function 3 in 1,7HP, Heavy Duty: This machine boasts a powerful 212 cc gas engine with 4 Y-hammers, 2 powerful steel chipping blades, a universal vacuuming kit, and CARD and EPA3 certified.
  • Best User-Friendly: EFCUT C30 Portable Gas Wood Chipper Shredder: This unit features an easy-to-grip handle, check windows, a 20:1 mulch ratio, a powerful 212 cc engine, and a top hopper that makes it easy to use.
  • Best for Pruning: Landworks Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher: A heavy-duty mini chipper with a 212 cc engine, designed with an auto-fee function, has a mulching ratio of 15:1, a low fuel sensor for safe operation, and rugged terrain 10-inch rear wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Best for 3-Inch Diameter Brushes: Patriot Products CSV-3065B 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper: This model comes with a 6.5 horsepower Briggs engine, a jumbo collection bag, large wheels and handle, 6 y-hammers that give it 12 cutting surfaces, weighs 136lbs, and operates quietly.
  • Best Value: YARDBEAST 2510 Wood Chipper: This unit is powered by a Subaru EX27 9HP engine, has an all-steel copping frame and carriage, a D2 designed blade, pneumatic wheels, and a manual canister to hold your working tools.
  • Best cutting blades: Detail K2 6inch 14HP Gas-powered Kohler: A gas-powered wood chipper powered by a 429 cc CH440 engine, has Dot road-legal tires for tow stability, feed chute dual handles, a 2-inch hitch pin, auto-adjust 13-inch cutting blades, and a built-in steel toolbox.
  • Best Leaf Shredder: Patriot Products CSV-2540H 4 HP OHV Honda GX Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder: This model is powered by a Honda GX 4 HP engine, weighs 96lbs, is portable and easy to maneuver, is CARB compliant, and operates quietly.
  • Best Durable: Generac G384173 3-Inch Gas Powered Chipper Shredder: This model is powered by a 208cc OHV engine, features 8 free-swinging blades, a hardened steel chipper knife, a 2.5-bushel collection bag, built-in handles, a 7.25” x 7.5” chipper hopper opening, and high-quality 9” wheels to enhance steadiness.

1. SuperHandy ‎GUO019-FBA-TR Gas Powered 3-in-1 Multi-Function

SuperHandy GUO019-FBA-TR

The Superhandy GUO019-FBA-TR wood shredder is an ideal one for anyone looking for nothing but a big machine for cleaning their garden. As the name suggests, the unit is super handy with the 3 in 1 capability that it features. It comes with a top hopper for shredding wood of a maximum of 2-inch volume, side chute for small 3 inch branches, and back vacuum for leaf mulching.

The shredder is also designed with an engine of 7 horsepower and 209cc motor that makes it capable of handling all the heavy projects in your backyard. Additionally, the engine also has a 4 stroke single cylinder overhead valve that enhances longevity and durability.

Another impressive thing that you’ll love about this shredder is that you’ll be able to transport it around the yard without much difficulty. This is made possible by the hitch feature that allows you to hook the unit with your personal ATV or lawnmower.

This wood chipper also comes with the capability of shredding wood into small chips. You can always use the chipped wood as mulch which lasts longer. Moreover, with a mulch ratio of 15:1 this shredder will enable you to greatly reduce the waste from the yard.

When it comes to safety and ease of use, you can rest easy and use the product since it is designed with optimal protection. Only remember to ensure that you play your part by putting on the right gear for the job. You can put on goggles to protect your eyes and gloves to protect your hands.


  • Ease of use
  • 3 in 1 function
  • Powerful engine
  • High mulching ratio
  • 3 year Limited warranty
  • Easy transportation


  • Oil refiling isn’t convenient
  • Excessive vibration

2. Landworks Gas Three-in-One Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher 7HP 212cc

Landworks 3-in-1 Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Looking for the ideal wood chipper to take care of your gardening needs without breaking a sweat? The Landworks wood chipper is the way to go. To begin with, it comes with a 3 in 1multi-function capability to help with several of your gardening activities. 

The unit comes with a top hopper for ½ inch max volume shredding, side chute for 3″ MAX small branch, and a vacuum cleaner. Note that you will need to purchase the vacuum cleaner separately. 

The unit also comes with a pretty powerful recoil starting 7HP 212 cc horizontal 4 store single-cylinder OHV gas-powered engine. With this powerful engine, you will be able to handle all your heavyweight projects including cutting 3″ diameter wood without much hassle. 

Another exciting feature of this wood chipper is that you’ll be able to move the unit around without struggle. This is thanks to the hookup feature that allows you to attach it to your lawnmower or personal ATV whenever you need to move it around the garden. Moreover, the chipper also comes with polyurethane wheels and handles that make transportation pretty easy. 

Furthermore, this incredible Landworks shredding unit is made with the best of safety in mind. It is designed with a low fuel sensor that shuts the engine when the unit runs out of fuel. An overload protection feature is also featured along to automatically turn off the engine when it’s overworked. 

Moreover, you can purchase the unit with ease because Landworks gives the user a 3-year limited warranty to get it replaced in case of an engineering problem. Also, an all-round the clock customer support is available to attend to all your concerns. 


  • Multi-function use 
  • Power engine 
  • Easy transportation
  • Maximum safety 
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • It’s not the bets for red wood forest

3. GreatCircleUSA Gas-Powered 3 in 1 Multi-Function 212cc

GreatCircleUSA 3 in 1 Multi-Function Wood Chipper Shredder

Talk of optimal performance combined with durability, the GreatcircleUSA wood chipper could be the perfect choice for your garden cleaning needs. Firstly, the chipper comes with 4 Y-hammers and 2 super powerful steel chipping blades. These features enable you to shred bushes in your garden without much trouble.

Moreover, the chipper is designed with recoil starting 7 HP 212cc Horizontal 4-Stroke powerful single-cylinder OHV gas engine. This high-performance engine will allow you to cut through 3 diameter woods without busting a gut.

This top-rated wood chipper is also quite versatile making it a worthwhile purchase for your garden pruning needs. The 3 in 1 chipping unit features a top-loading hopper for perfect shredding and a side chute for chipping. It also comes with a universal vacuuming kit for leaf dressing which is sold separately.

When it comes to safety, you don’t have to worry about harming yourself with this shredding unit. It is both CARD and EPA3 Certified which is a good reason enough for the user not to panic about their well-being.

Another exciting factor you will love about this 3 in 1 multi-function wood chipper is the warranty. The GreatCircleUSA pruning unit comes with a 3-year limited warranty to allow you to get a replacement for the unit in case it malfunctions. Moreover, you will also get to experience a thoroughly dedicated customer support the moment you need them.


  • 3 in 1 design
  • Simple set up
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Powerful 212 cc gas engine
  • 3-inch max wood diameter chipping capability
  • Dedicated customer support
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • The unit tends to heavier than other units under the same category.

4. EFCUT C30 Portable Gas Wood Chipper Shredder

EFCUT C30 Portable Gas Wood Chipper Shredder

If you love the convenience of big machines, the EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder is all you need for cutting small trees in your yard. Firstly, the chipper is designed with a powerful recoil RATO 7 horsepower 212 cc four-stroke single-cylinder OHV gas-powered engine. Precisely, this high-performance engine can handle difficult garden projects such as 3-inch diameter woods. 

In terms of convenience, this unit brings your way the best of user experience. It features an easy to grip handle that gives the user a firm grasp as they go about the heavy-duty gardening activities. The convenient handle also makes it easy to move the unit around the yard. 

Also, in regards to friendly user experience, the wood chipper features two check windows. The front one facilitates quick replacement of the blades while the one at the back assists in easy cleaning of the blockage. 

In terms of efficiency, this wood shredder doesn’t disappoint. It munches any wood within 3″ diameter on a 20:1 ratio. With this outstanding mulching ratio, you will be able to make plenty of mulch for your garden’s fertilizer. 

A top hopper is also included to give you an easy time when you need to do some shredding or chipping around the garden. With this feature, creating mulch for your garden never gets easier! Besides, you get to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience with the 3-year warranty against machine construction. Moreover, the EFCUT customer care is always present to sort you out any moment you need them. 


  • High mulching ratio
  • High-performance engine 
  • Friendly user experience 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Easy to grip handles 
  • Accurate debris discharge 


  • The resulting mulch is quite fine and it generates dust. 

5. Landworks Mini Wood Chipper

Landworks Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Don’t be deceived by the term mini, this is the best shredder to go for if you are looking for a heavy-duty unit for your garden pruning needs. First of all, the unit is featured with a powerful 7 HP 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine. This engine makes it the best choice for heavy-duty pruning at your yard. 

Moreover, this mini chipper also comes with the capability of cutting 3inch diameter woods. Besides, it is also designed with an auto-feed function with a mulching ratio of 15:1. With this, you will be able to shred and chip 3 inch maximum small branches, twigs, and brush. 

Some more of the most important features of this unit is safety. It features a low fuel sensor that turns off the engine when the fuel levels reach too low for safe operation. Additionally, an on and off switch is included to switch off the engine quickly if the need arises. What’s more to safety is ensuring that you put on the rightful safety attire when it’s time to do some pruning in the yard. 

Not to forget to mention, this chipper comes with the best of maneuverability that you would want for a shredding machine. It is made with rugged all-terrain 10 inch rear wheels that make movement through weeds and muck pretty easy. Also, starting up the machine is pretty simple. All you need to do is to add some gasoline into the tank and follow the manual instructions to get to work. 

For easy transportation around the garden, this Landworks chipper features a hook capability. With this, you can attach the chipper to your ATV or grass mower for easy transportation. 


  • Maximum safety
  • Efficient engine 
  • Easy installation 
  • Maneuverability
  • Value for money 
  • Endless usability 


  • It’s not the best for doing leaves or needles. 

6. Patriot Products CSV-3065B 6.5 HP

Patriot Products CSV-3065B

Looking for a powerful chipper for some fulfilling chipping sessions at your garden? You need not look any further. The Patriot gas-powered wood chipper is all you need. To begin with, the chipper comes with a 6.5 horsepower Briggs engine that’s powerful enough for the difficult shredding jobs in your yard. This also makes it capable of chopping up to 3 inches diameter branches. 

Moreover, its side discharge design allows you to shred on the same location all day long without the need of moving. With the Patriot Jumbo collection bag, you will be able to collect twice the volume of shred that you would collect with the standard size collection bag. 

Also, with the quiet operation of the unit, you will not be causing some noise nuisance in the neighborhood anytime you are doing some chipping. 

Weighing 139 lbs, this is one of the lightest gas-powered wood chippers you will come across. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and store conveniently. Large wheels and handle are also included to make it pretty easy to move the unit around the yard. 

The 6 y-hammers included give the machine 12 cutting surfaces that allow you to shred loads of leaves without breaking a sweat. Besides, this powerful unit comes with a 20:1 mulching ratio for optimal reduction of your yard waste. 

One more impressive feature about this Patriot shredder is the warranty. It comes with a 3-year warranty for homeowners and 90 days for commercial use.  


  • 3 year warranty 
  • 6.5 HP Briggs engine 
  • Low oil alert 
  • All day same position work 
  • 20:1 mulching ratio 
  • Side discharge design 


  • Poorly designed exhaust chute 

7. YARDBEAST 2510 Wood Chipper 

YARDBEAST 2510 Wood Chipper

The YARDBEAST 2510 wood chipper is yet another gas-powered shredder that does a great job when it comes to keeping your garden clean. The unit is powered by Subaru EX27 9HP engine that helps in shredding 2.5 diameter branches comfortably. Also featured is a high discharge chipper that helps in convenient dumping of wood chips in garbage containers or pick up beds. 

With the all-steel copping frame and carriage, this wood chipper is not only quite durable but also well-endowed for challenging jobs in the yard. It also comes with a blade that’s designed from D2 air hardened, high carbon tool steel to make mulching a walk in the park. The blade also has an outstanding wear resistance capability. 

The tow-away design included allows you to tow the machine around your yard comfortably. The featured pneumatic wheels also make it quite easy to pull around when need be. A manual canister is also included to allow you to have your working tools at hand while working. 

What’s more, is that you can purchase this chipper comfortably without having to worry about manufacturing malfunctions. This is thanks to the 2-year warranty that’s provided to take care of any replacement needs that may occur. 

Most importantly, the unit is CARB and EPA approved which makes it a safe option for your gardening pruning needs. Also make sure to use gloves, goggles, and earplugs to enhance your safety while chipping. 


  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy tow away 
  • Wear resistance 
  • Self – feeding capability 
  • Swing chipper frame 
  • Carb Approved 


  • It starts with difficulty 
  • Set up manual is complicated 

8. Detail K2 6inch 14HP Gas Powered Kohler 

Detail K2 6inch 14HP Gas-powered Kohler

Also on the list of the best gas-powered wood chipper is the detail K2 6 inch 14HP gas powered chipper. It comes with Kohler 429 cc CH440 engine that’s powerful enough to take care of the troublesome branches in your home. 

Additionally, this unit comes with Dot road-legal tires that enhance tow stability while moving the chipper on unleveled ground. Also, the feed chute dual handles that are featured along help in easy transportation of the wood shredder around the yard. 

Moreover, with the dual lock discharge chute with swinging capability that’s included, you will be able to easily access the chipping chamber. A 2-inch hitch pin and 2 chains are included to help you secure the chipper to a car for pulling. 

A built-in steel toolbox is also included to keep your safety attire and other working tools at hand. The safety gear that you will find in the box includes gloves, ear protection, and safety glasses. A personal set of lockout keys is also included to enhance safety.

The unit also features auto-adjust 13-inch cutting blades that are ideal for chopping brush and trees with less than 6.5-inch diameter. Furthermore, the blades come with enhanced durability because of the double-edge cut reversible design. 


  • Feed capacity of 6.5 inches 
  • Swing charge chute 
  • Built-in tool box 
  • 1 year limited warranty for wood chipper and 3 year warranty for engine 
  • 3600 rpm drum chipper speeds 
  • Detachable feed hopper 


  • The unit requires some skill to operate 

9. Patriot Products CSV-2540H 4 HP OHV Honda GX

Patriot Products CSV-2540H 4 HP OHV Honda GX Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

If you are a homeowner or a professional looking for serious chipping equipment for your garden the Patriot products CSV 2540H wood chipper will be an ideal option for you. At the outset, the unit is powered by Honda GX 4 HP engine which is powerful enough to process branches of up to 2.5 inches. 

The high-performance machine also comes with the capability of shredding mountains of leaves into small pieces that are ideal for mulching. Furthermore, the unit is pretty portable and easy to maneuver as it only weighs 96lbs. 

In terms of safety, this leaf shredder is CARB compliant making it a safe option for your gardening activities. However, don’t forget to put on some safety gear while getting to work. These will include hand gloves, safety goggles, or ear protection gadget. 

You don’t want to be a nuisance in your neighborhood anytime time you are doing some chipping or shredding on the garden. This Patriot gas-powered unit is designed with a quiet operation to ensure that you go about your garden activities inaudibly. Furthermore, the unit is easy to assemble and it also starts up with a single pull. 


  • Durability 
  • Quiet running
  • Smooth start
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable 
  • Honda GX 4 HP engine 


  • Discharge chute becomes loose with vibration. 

10. Generac G384173 3-Inch

Generac G384173 3-Inch Gas Powered Chipper Shredder

The Generac G384173 gas-powered chipper shredder is yet another lawn cleaning equipment that’s recommended for anyone looking for a superior quality wood chipper. With a 208cc OHV engine, the unit is super powerful and can chip small branches of up to 3 inches diameter. The engine also comes with a ½ inch shredding capacity. 

Important to note is that the engine is protected by the low oil shut down feature that turns it off when the fuel is too low for secure operation.  

The unit also features 8 free-swinging blades shredder hammers and a hardened steel chipper knife to effortlessly mince brush and branches. A 2.5 bushel collection bag is also included for super convenient disposal. 

For ease of use, this shredding unit is designed with built-in handles and a 7.25-Inch x 7.5-Inch chipper hopper opening. Also, it comes with superior quality 9 inch wheels to enhance steadiness. On top of that is a two years warranty to allow you to purchase the unit confidently. 

As you would expect with a top wood chipper model, this machine is designed from solid steel that’s super durable and capable of handling tough working conditions. 


  • Two-year warranty for residential use 
  • 208cc OHV 4-stroke engine
  • Large and durable hopper 
  • Two gripping positions 
  • Large-capacity debris collection bag 


  • No lawnmower hook 

Things to Consider while Buying a Gas Powered Wood Chipper 

Now that you know the best gas-powered wood chippers around, we will take you through important tips to enable you to settle down for the right choice for your gardening activities. 

  • Safety 

As we all know, a wood chipper is a pretty powerful machine that can be dangerous if not used appropriately. Always ensure that the particular model you are interested in comes with adequate safety features and recommendations as well. Some models provide safety gear which includes hand glove, ear, and eye protection as well. 

  • Maintenance Costs

Another important consideration to have in mind is the maintenance cost that will come with the chipper. On this, you will need to look at the cost of the unit’s spare parts and their availability as well. Moreover, you can consider getting a rugged model if you are likely to engage in tough lawn work as this will help you reduce replacement costs big time. 

  • Machine Capacity 

The machine capacity is an important factor to look at because the capacity you get to choose should be equivalent to your yard work. Choosing a chipping machine with a lesser capacity than the expected workload will definitely cause a breakdown and shorten its life span. 

The gas-powered wood chippers are always a recommendable option for homeowners with bigger yards. This is because most gas-powered models have the capacity of dealing with up to 3-inch diameter tree branches. 

  • Reduction Ratio 

The reduction ratio of your wood chipper will determine how much debris you’ll be able to reduce while doing lawn work. Most of these units come with a reduction ratio of between 10:1 and 20:1. 

  • Number of Blades 

This is another important element you will need to look at before purchasing a gas wood chipper. This is because the number of blades the unit has will define how fast you will be able to clear debris from your yard. The more the number of blades the higher the volume of debris you’ll be able to handle. Moreover, you will also need to ensure that the blades don’t need much sharpening to get the job done. 

  • Warranty 

One of the factors that influence a buyer’s confidence while shopping for a product is the warranty. Don’t forget to look out for a warranty before purchasing your preferred chipper as this ensures that you are covered in case of any malfunctions. 

  • Convenience Features 

Something else you will want to look out for is the convenience features. Convenience features are included by the manufacturer to simply make your user experience one of a kind. Some of the special features you could consider for a wood chipper include self-sharpening blades and a tow bar. 


Q. What is the Reduction Ratio? 

The reduction ratio refers to the processing power of the chipper. For instance, a 20:1 reduction ratio means that the unit has the capacity of processing the garden waste to 1/20 of its original volume. 

Q. Where do I take the shredded leaves and brush? 

Once you have processed your waste you can collect it on a compost heap and you will have plenty of mulch by the end of the day. 

Q. How do I feed a chipper shredder?

The chipper shredder is fed using a push stick that allows you to push the material down to the blades. 


The greatest challenge you are likely to face with your garden is maintenance but not when you have the right tools at hand. Well, with the above review you won’t have a problem finding the most ideal gas-powered wood chipper for your gardening needs. 

Whether you need one for light use, shredding, or one that’s budget-friendly you can never go wrong with any of the above-reviewed models.