6 Best Soft Toilet Seats of 2023 Reviews

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Among the essential features to consider when buying a toilet is the seat. Toilet seats should be comfortable. Unfortunately, not all toilet seats are well designed. Some offer a cold and relatively hard surface.

As a result, most settle for less than the best soft toilet seats.  Soft seats are important; they are perfect for the elderly, children, and persons experiencing pain while using traditional seats. They are also stylish and add a bit of modern luxury to your bathroom.

To help you select the perfect toilet seat, we came up the padded toilet seat reviews. There is also a buying guide and the benefits of each included in the article to help your decision.

Best Soft Toilet Seats in 2023

1. Chrome hinges infused MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat

First is our top pick, Mayfair soft toilet seats, that come with chrome hinges. This toilet seat has a wooden core. However, it is there to provide durability. Complementing the wood core to ensure comfort is a soft cushioned vinyl material on top.

The chrome hinges are not only classic, but they contain excellent accent finishes. The installation process is easy.  Thus, you do not need a professional plumber as you can do it yourself without effort.

As for size, the device measures 18.91 by 14.13 by 3.44 inches. It is a perfect fit for elongated toilets, including those from TOTO, American Standard, and Kohler. If you are a lover of the environment, this is the toilet seat for you since that they are made of environment-friendly materials.

Sadly, some users have reported mild splitting of the material. However, you can fix this problem by adding a tough and stylish material on the seat. The good news is that the Mayfair soft toilet seat is pocketbook-friendly.


  • Affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Simple installation process
  • Stylish and modern
  • Eco-friendly materials


  • Material is prone to splitting, but you can add extra stylish material to solve the problem

2. The MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat with Embroidered Butterfly

Another great toilet seat by Mayfair is the one embroidered with a butterfly. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word? Of course, you think of something stylish and attractive. Well, this toilet seat is engineered with a butterfly printed on top, which gives your bathroom a unique look.

In terms of construction, the seat has a durable wood core. However, as in the case of the previous Mayfair seat, it is covered with a soft, cushioned material, giving users the comfort they deserve.

There is no need to worry about cleanliness when you purchase the best quality cushioned toilet seat. The hinges are easy to remove and wash. These hinges, along with the padding, perfectly match the color and design of the toilet.

The Mayfair embroidered butterfly toilet seat measures 17.16 by 14.98 by 3.44 inches. As a result, it is ideal for round toilet bowl.  Buyers have complained about a slight cracking of the seat and yellow discoloration after short-term use. Fortunately, proper care and cleaning helps get rid of this problem.


  • Highly durable
  • Simple to remove and wash
  • Lovely butterfly design adds to bathroom décor
  • High level of comfort due to eco-friendly materials used in the construction


  • Slight cracking of the seat
  • Yellow discoloration after short-term use

3. Premium Soft Padded Elongated Toilet Seat Cushioned by Dorigan

Our third pick is the Dorigan toilet seat. There are many positive reviews from previous users of this model. First and foremost, they have praised its durability. However, this should not come as a surprise because the toilet seat has a wooden core covered with a quality vinyl material.

Second, the model offers protection from bacteria. It prevents the growth of microbials no matter how frequently one uses the toilet. Third, this seat is compatible with most standard toilets with the aid of the top-mount and adjustable hinges.

Installation is easy because you use only the screws provided, and they are highly corrosion resistant. Also, the color of the hinges and padding are designed to match the toilet.

Sadly, the hinges are prone to loosening after a few months of use. Thus, it is recommended that if you purchase this best-elongated padded toilet seat, you should replace the hinges frequently for maximum efficiency. The other reported problem is the seat material because of a spot that quickly wears out. As a result, you want to be extra careful with this model.


  • Corrosion-resistant hinges
  • Nice design
  • Simple to install


  • Hinges are prone to wearing out

4. MAYFAIR 13EC 047 Soft Toilet Seat

According to many users, comfort is not the only priority when choosing a toilet seat. One should also consider a seat that is easy to remove for cleaning. To facilitate this, Mayfair has created its 13EC 047 toilet seat for easy removal, washing and replacement.

Use this toilet seat only on a round toilet since the measurements dictate this shape: an estimated 17.2 inches by 15 inches by 3.4 inches. Don’t worry about the black color of the seat because there are other five color options from this brand.

Additionally, this is one of the best-cushioned toilet seats because of the wooden core, which ensures long use. Covering it is a soft cushion made of plastic. Unfortunately, some users have reported that it wears outs. Thus, you will want to handle the seat carefully if you chose this option.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to remove, wash and replace
  • Robust wood core material
  • Many color options
  • Environment-friendly materials


  • Prone to wearing out due to its plastic material but you can avoid this with careful handling

5. PCP Raised Universal Toilet Seat Cushion

If you have an older adult in the house or someone with a medical condition, you understand why comfortable toilet seats are important. Unfortunately, not all the best quality padded toilet seats are ideal for these people.  You need the PCP toilet seat with a raised cushion.

The PCP is among the best elongated soft toilet seats with easy removability. Users only need to place the cushion over the seat and tighten the Velcro straps. There is no hassle when removing the current toilet seat because the cushion fits all seat types.

Of note, the cushion has a thickness of two inches. As a result, it offers extra comfort and ensures that medical patients and the elderly are free from pressure and soreness. What is interesting about this device is the cleaning technique.

The PCP’s foam is made of a Naugahyde material. Thus, it cannot degrade in contact with dirt and liquids. Due to this, the cleaning process is easy as you just have to wipe the seat. All these assets make this choice ideal for medical setups, while it is also perfect in a home.

However, you have to be careful with the size. Some users have reported problems with the cushion fitting their toilet seat, while others report challenges once the Velcro straps start wearing out.

As a result, you have to keep an eye on the straps and replace them in time. Nonetheless, the PCP ranks as the best seat cushion for the elderly.


  • Perfect for the elderly and those with a medical condition
  • Heavily padded for extra comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Simple to install and remove


  • Size issues

6. Comfort Seats C3B5R200CH Deluxe Round Soft Toilet Seat

Coming in third on this list of the best soft toilet seat is the comfort seat C3BR200CH. It has a length of 16.5 inches, a width of 14.69 inches, and a height of 3.7 inches. With proper proportions, you can bank on suitability for a round-shaped toilet.

The first feature that makes this toilet seat stand out from the rest is the material. C3BR200CH comprises padding of high-density foam affording top-notch comfort. Users of this seat have reported long service.

Durability should not come as a surprise as the toilet seat features a sturdy and wood core. The second asset is the easy installation process. Unlike some of the toilet seats on the market, this one entails a simple procedure. You only need a screwdriver and that’s it!

The third great thing about the C3BR200CH are the adjustable hinges. Users can adjust the seat to their liking. Topping all the benefits is that the hardware of the toilet seat is corrosion-proof. The only drawback of this product is that it is not particularly economical, but with some saving, you can enjoy great service.


  • Corrosion-proof hardware
  • Highly durable
  • Simple installation process
  • Perfect environment-friendly materials
  • Great comfort


  • Slightly expensive

Buying Guide

It’s necessary to know the variety among toilet seats in the current market. Thus, it’s only natural resume that you know “the best picks in the market”. you might have a challenging time selecting the best you require.

To recognize the fact, we took head of including the various factors you have to consider before or during your purchasing the “best cheap cushion toilet seats”.

Eight factors shouldn’t forget while embarking on your preferred toilet seat.

  • Cost

By now, you are aware that there exist three sets of toilet seats in the market concerning price. Not only do we have the expensive toilet seats, but there are also the middle-priced toilet seats and the best cheap toilet seats. Therefore, do not go for something that won’t be financially affordable.

If you love a product and feel that it is too expensive, consider settling for a relatively cheaper one. However, ensure that while choosing the middle prices and cheap toilet seat, the quality of the seat is not affected in any way.

  • Material

Based on the previous factor, it is apparent that while the cost is of importance, quality also matters a lot. The material used in constructing they influence the quality of the elongated toilet seats for the elderly. The best materials that will give you quality service are the ones made from durable materials.

For instance, toilets seat with a wooden core and covered with Vinyl or the Naugahyde material known for lasting the users a lifetime. On the other hand, the seats covered with plastics are prone to wearing out soon.

  • Size

Size is perhaps one of the integral components while buying a best seat cushion for the elderly. There are two types of toilets. They identify as the elongated and round-shaped bowl toilets. The elongated toilets have longer toilet seats, while the round-shaped toilets have wider toilet seats.

Before buying your preferred toilet, seats, always measure the dimension of your toilet seats. Also, inquire about the measurements of the toilet seat you are buying. If they match that of your home, this is when you can settle on that seat. Failure to consider this fact, you may end up buying a toilet seat that does not match the size of your toilet.

  • Installation

Do not get deceived. Not all toilet seats out hear are simple to install. In some cases, you may have to consider a professional to come and help you do the installation. If this happens, you are going to incur additional costs, and this is not what you want while working on a budget.

As a result, it becomes advised that while purchasing a toilet seat, you select the one that has a simple installation process. Mainly, choose the one that only needs screwdrivers to get the installation done.

  • Color

Although many overlook this factor, color is an important aspect when it comes to the toilet seat. Firstly, there are numerous colors for toilet seats in the market. It is hence, essential to choose something that works best with the design of your bathroom.

Secondly, and perhaps the most significant aspect deals with the hinges and the bumpers. Unless in situations where you become limited, always select a toilet seat that matches the hinges and bumpers of your toilet. Otherwise, there would be an evident problem of color mismatch.

  • Ease of Cleaning, removal, and replacement

Cleaning is never an easy task. It cleaning process can become enjoyable, but who enjoys cleaning a surface that has tough stains? Of course, nobody enjoys doing this task. That is why it is important to consider the ease of cleaning while buying a toilet seat. First, the surface needs to become easy to wipe. Secondly, the toilet seat needs to become easy to detach as this fosters easy, thorough cleaning and replacement in case a need arises.

  • Comfort

The main reason why you are buying a padded toilet seat is that you want to get that extra comfort. As a result, it is very important to keep the comfort factor in mind. Not all the cushioned toilet seats are as comfortable as they seem. Some are either fitted with less padding or more padding.

Whether the padding is less or more, one thing is for sure. Comfort does not become guaranteed in these two situations. That is why you have to pick a toilet seat with medium padding as this works best for everyone. Testing out the toilet seats before is a perfect way of telling if the seat offers the comfort you and your family want.

  • Décor

Are you a lover of style and design? Then, décor is a key factor for you while buying that preferred toilet seat. Most of the cushioned toilet seats in the market today embrace modernity. In a way, this means that these seats have a stylish taste that brings that glam feel to your bathroom.

However, if you are not a fan of décor and like your bathroom space cool, there is no need for worrying. Influencing this is the fact that there are also cool toilet seats in the market designed for persons like you.

Benefits of Quality Padded Toilets

We are almost coming to the end of the Soft padded toilet seat reviews. By now you are probably asking yourself if there is anything beneficial about these toilet seats. Surprisingly, there is not only one benefit of these seats but a total of three merits of these seats. They include:

  • Offers extra comfort

Anything padded means that it possesses extra foam. In the toilet context, additional padding for the toilet seats thus means that the foam of the seat is in an extra amount. In case you did not know, it is the foam that is responsible for the comfort you desire while using your toilet.

Thus, the first benefit of using the padded toilet seat becomes the providence of comfort. Notably, you will not feel any cold while using the best cheap padded toilet seat. Also, no form of pain will transpire while using this seat, which means that your comfort becomes guaranteed only with this type of toilet seat.

  • Prevents pressure sores

The second benefit of cushioned toilet seats is the prevention of pressure sores. However, this does not apply to everyone. It is only relevant for those that are under certain medical conditions or the elderly. If a toilet seat is not well-cushioned, there is a likelihood that those ailing and the elderly may feel some pain.

Influencing this is exposure to the hard and cold material. When this occurs, these users suffer from sores from toilet seat pressure. Since these toilet seats have sufficient padding, this means that the problem of pressure sores becomes completely eradicated, which is another important benefit.

  • They add a taste of design and luxury to your bathroom

Were you keen on the review section? If yes, you must have noticed the varied design of each padded toilet seat provided. In summary, they all have a modern and stylish design. With these two qualities, you can trust that these toilet seats will help in complementing the décor of your bathroom.

Also, they are not limited to white color alone. These toilet seats have a collection of colors, depending on what you like. These colors also help in adding that taste of design and luxury to your bathroom. As a result, the additional style in the bathroom is another reason you get while using the cushioned toilet seats.

Soft Toilet Seat FAQ

Q. How much is the price of a padded toilet seat?

The price varies from one model to another

Q. What do I need to use to clean my cushioned toilet seat?

It has become recommended that you use mild soap and water

Q. How do I know the correct measurement of a toilet seat?

You can do this by measuring the dimensions of your toilet


This review of soft toilet seats should help you know exactly what you want. Plus, you can visit the customer review section of online toilet seat sites to learn more about their products. However, understand that just because a toilet seat is listed among the best padded toilet seats on the market does not mean that it will work well for you.

Keep your needs at the center of the buying process. Evaluate them alongside the buying factors provided above. With the tips provided in these soft toilet seat reviews, you can trust that you will acquire a perfect toilet seat that will serve you and your family for a long time.