The 7 Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner Reviews

If you are tracing stains and rust in your in-house fixtures long/short after installing a water softener, it is high time you needed the best water softener resin cleaner. This will raise the performance of your softener, give it a new lease of life, and above all will make you do without a water softener resin replacement.

What is a water softener resin rescue formula? It is an ion exchange resin cleaning methods. The one that can erase manganese and iron build-up form the resin bed trapped over time.

The iron and organic compounds trapped in the resin stick to the resin even after the post-regeneration flush out.  This is when you need the water softener resin restorer to get your resin rid of the iron build up and organic pesky particles.

Finding a quality water softener resin cleaner is not an easy task; we have done the job to cut your pain half down. Finally, we come out with 7 water softener resin cleaner reviews so that you can pick the right one for you.

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Best Water Softener Resin Cleaner Reviews to pick Your One

You have before you a selection of seven top most recommended and trusted resin cleaners in the market. Pick and choose your one.

It is no wonder that we are beginning our series of seven best water softener resin reviews with this Pro Product resin cleaner. To hit the point, ResCare water softener resin cleaner is a special liquid resin cleaner formula. It wipes away stubborn and pesky compounds from the resin, the resin bed, and the valve parts.

It requires a specially formulated water softener resin cleaner iron out to remove manganese, iron, and other organic compounds that the resins trap over a period until become fully fouled.To your liking, ResCare efficiently deals with iron build-up unlike any average resin rescue.

Therefore, whether to rescue totally fouled resin or improve the performance of a used water softener resin to the acme, this Pro Product resin cleaner is superbly instrumental. The above-the-average feature and benefit of thiswater softener iron removal additive is that it can successfully deal with resins fouled both by chlorinated well water or lesser hard municipal or city water.

Pro Product ResCare recommends both automatic and manual softener cleaning applications. That’s why it has earned the testimonial of NSF and that is evident of being the best.

Isn’t it worth grabbing?


  • Ever ready to use and apply just when at hand
  • Great customer care support is an added convenience
  • Backed by Pro Easy Feeder and certified by NSF
  • Upgrade performance and extends resin life
  • Deal ably both the city and well water softening resin


  • Trace of undissolved blue ring but it never occurs if the tank is full
  • It can restore resin cleaning ability up to two years only

RO65N Rust Out Water Softener Cleaner

Rust Out is the efficient and ultimate rust remover.

You are badly in need of a water softener resin cleaner only when your resin beads, valve parts, and the resin bed have grown serious iron build-up and significantly reduced the softening performance – removing pesky particles from the water. This is the situation Rust Out comes to as an effective resin rescue and saves you money by not requiring a fresh water softener resin replacement.

Users love it as it can keep the performance of the softener to the level it serves as a fresher. Thus it contributes to increasing the softening period of the resin.

Manufacturer rightly claim it to be an advanced formula as it contains no abrasive or harsh chemical to decay, destroy, or harm any fixtures. So your fiberglass, porcelain, and acrylic are now in the safe side if backed by Rust Out.

When your salt application goes ineffective in regenerating the resin and the discharged water bears odor, discoloration, metal particles, and above all aftertaste; Rust Out water softener resin cleaner iron out is the best alternative to clean, rescue, and improve your softener.


  • Effectively rinse away at regeneration
  • Highly advanced chemical formula to dissolve rust
  • Non-corrosive chemicals Saves water fixtures of fiberglass, porcelain, and acrylic
  • Maintains the elementary high performance
  • Raise the reduced performance to the peak
  • Extends resin life


  • Costly but compensate with the high-end benefits

RO12N Rust Out Water Softener Cleaner

This version of Rust Out is a specialized iron remover and has rightfully earned the tag of a quality water softener iron removal additive. It cleans the resin beads and the bed becoming heavier with organic compounds that normal salt solution can’t treat. Therefore, when you are spotting rusty stains in your clothes, appliances, and dishes, it’s time to clean your softener with this quality Pro Product resin restorer liquid – RO12N Rust Out.  

Maintaining the default softening performance a softener comes with is a basic task for thoseion exchange resin cleaning methods. At the same go, it remarkably upgrades the performance of a used softener half-damaged by layers of tougher organic particles. By implication, it extends theresin lifeof nearly damaged softener.

It weighs 1.5 lbs and you require only 4 oz of liquid between bags to break iron build-up.To add, this soft water formula provides you with four applications to fight irritating rust - they include water softener application to clean mineral in the bed, manual pouring to remove rust from heavily fouled unit, preventive maintenance and casual purpose cleaning.

And above all the price is virtually a steal for the benefits it provides with.


  • This is a Pro Product resin cleaner to go with confidence
  • Maintain or restore original softening performance
  • Extends resin life
  • Cheap price but exclusive service
  • One-in-four applications


  • A bit reactive but use in a large container saves you
  • Small in size but works with finesse
  • Too long and large nipples but work better than the average

Softener Mate SN12N City Water Softener Cleaner

Go for this Softener Mate SN12N water softener resin restorer if you are just to deal with the basic issue. Pro Product has brought this resin cleaner for people living in municipal cities and enjoying lesser water issues inspired by tough substances.

Whenever your problem is of a minor type, you don’t need to opt for special and costly ion exchange resin cleaning methods. City water scarcely carries iron in it and so cleaning softener of this brine tank is easy but it too requires anefficient resin rescue.  You will love Softener Mate in this regard and you will have it at a nominal price.

You can apply 1 cup of this softener cleaner in 1 quart of boiled water and the result is the super improved salt performance. Isn’t it great?

I know the questions that lurk inside you.

Does it improve and maintain the softening performance?  Does it increase the softening life?

YES, that is a clear-cut answer.

Two basic applications it is featured with are – the First Application to soften heavily fouled resin and the second one preventive maintenance.


  • Basic application and so easy to use
  • Improves and maintain performances
  • Discharge water of improved quality
  • Cheap and affordable price to enjoy great benefits


  • Can address limited iron issues
  • Water turns blue sometimes but gets cleared up at next regeneration

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Whirlpool 16 Ounce Water Softener Cleaner

With Whirlpool resin cleaner, we are again back to the special and highly capable water softener resin restorer formula.While it is a breeze to deal with city water softener resin, it does excel in removing tough deposits from the bed of your resin bed, valve, and resin beads. It breaks any lime build-up with ease making a marked position in line with the industry-grade water softener iron removal additive.

While the stock resin cleaners are not a match for this by any consideration, it stands out as tower among the best water softener resin cleaner.

Know Why.

For the great reward, ifyou use this as recommended by the manufacturer, they assure you of a boost of warranty period – 1to 10 years- if you just apply this formula in every four months. 

Isn’t it more than you expect?

It works great and you can have an issue-free water supply for years if you back your softener just when the resin beads and bed showing an ominous coloration. People also like it for the ease of use and the efficiency it removes the lime build-up with.


  • Can extend warranty abiding the recommendation
  • Crush tough iron build-up to increase the performance
  • Easy to use and perfect doer
  • Work as advertised
  • Prompt customer care service


  • High-end price and high-end benefits too

Wash Safe Rust Off WS-RO-1G Hard Water Rust Remover

This Wash Safe Rust Off is pretty much more than just a water softener resin restorer. To put it clearly, it removes other way immovable rusty stains from almost everywhere and anywhere rust can develop on. So this is a total solution against iron and lime build-up and the high-end product and worth the money. This is a water softener resin cleaner iron outformula with spray attachment and you will like it for this convenience.

Why the high-end price is not an issue?

Because you can apply this rust eraser virtually everywhere rust can grow. To your utmost amazement, you can even remove rust from nuts, bolts, and screws and thus you can loosen and penetrate those to put off if and when urgent. Therefore people like it as a water softener iron removal additive.

At the end, it is needless to mention that this rust remover will provide discharged water free from discoloration, odor, sticky substance, and peculiar aftertaste. To add more, it improves the performance and increase the service period of the softener to avoid water softener resin replacement.

Rust Off is both a professional and common rust and stain remover. Besides common people, the professional individuals like it most who face rust frequently in the course of their providing service be it in painting, wielding, or repairing automobiles, electronics, and so on.


  • Remove rust from inside the softener and the other hard surfaces
  • Can penetrate or loosen rusted nuts, bolts, and screws
  • To remove mineral build up on softener is a breeze
  • Greatly liked by professionals too for the accomplished stain and rust erasing
  • Spray attachment is a great convenience


  • Costly but not over priced as the product is purely high-end

Water Softener Resin Restorer Cleaner

With this restorer and cleaner, we are back again in the original line of simply softener stain remover after the previous model of all-rounder stain remover be it from liquid or hard surface. If you are on a budget and don’t want to get ripped off, Water Softener Resin Restorer is the go to option.

It can get your resins’ youth back and enable it softening water as it used to do at the installation. To avoid water softener resin replacement, you should opt for this resin rescue as it can restore the most grievously fouled resin. This resin restorer virtually rejuvenates fouled resin whose bed has gone full with mineral deposits. 

The stand out feature is the one shot serving and you can just pour the recommended amount of 6 ounceliquid formula in the brine tank. And the fouling will get removed as the regeneration cycle is complete. Thus how your previously fouled softener will get new lease of resin life with the original vigor regained. 

Won’t you love it for all those? There is more. 

And you can avail it at an affordable price without breaking your bank.


  • Softener can regain original vigor and earn new lease of life
  • Ease of use and effectiveness to take note of
  • A reputedly strong product
  • Save you huge money by rejuvenating the existing one
  • Affordable price but exclusive service


  • Don’t work with full effect on the too old softener
  • Lack an MSDS but not a big issue
  • Fails in some are where water is too hard for it but that hard water is scarce

What is a water softener resin cleaner?

Water softener resin cleaner is a chemical formula – in liquid and powder form- to remove the more stubborn substances trapped in the resin beads while softening hard water. A water softener resin rescuemaintains and rescues the efficiency of the softener resin.

The softener resin attracts calcium, manganese, and iron to discharge soft water. By doing so, it accumulates layers of the said minerals in the resin beads where the water softening occurs most.

If it is let go unchecked, the resin looses the efficiency of exchanging ions to replace mineral or organic substances from the water. This is when and why you need a resin cleaner to regain and increase the effectiveness of the resin. Therefore, a resin cleaner is called sometimes a resin rescue orwater softener resin restorer. A timely application of resin cleaner will certainly extend the resin life.

Things to Know before Buying water softener resin cleaner

Two factors are crucial enough when considering for a water softener resin cleaning formula. They include choosing the right formula for your existing system and the price you are paying.

Level of Iron to Clean

The right resin cleaner is a relative term as you have two options before you. If you live in a municipal area, your water will carry less iron. And you need a quality water softener resin restorer. Conversely, a high-end rust cleaner will require removing the lime or ironing build-up in the resin bed and water softener iron remover additive can come your rescue there.


It is clearly evident that resin cleaner intended to deal with chlorinated well water softener will be pricier. But you should check and recheck the price in the website of the particular product.

Quality of the Product

Whatever water your softener is dealing with – red water or clean water - you need to judge the quality of the intended product. And the best way to do that is to browse the customer's feedback where they share what they have experienced firsthand.

How to be sure that water softener resin has gone foul?

It is urgent to test the softened water to diagnosefouling because visible signs of resin fouling don’t show immediately.

For an Effective Test, take a small sample from your resin bead and soak it with a solution of 1% of hydrochloric acid solution for at least 5-10 minutes. If the solution contains more than 5 ppm iron, your softener is fouled to require immediate cleaning.

How to clean water softener resin with the best water softener resin cleaner?

To rescue or restore the softener resin that is fouling or fouled to the grievous level, you need to go through the following steps.

  • Feed the resin cleaner into the salt tank or pour suggested amount of the resin cleaning formula into the brine tank.
  • Set the device to “regeneration mode” by turning it anti-clockwise. Thus how it is now ready for manual regeneration.
  • You can repeat the regeneration process until and unless the iron build-up is vanished to the last particle.
  • Now, return the system into normal mode by turning the knob clockwise.
  • It is time to flush out the solution after regeneration. To do that, keep the tap on for ten minutes to drive out the cleaner from the tank.

People Also Ask

Does resin fouling show trace instantly?

A: NO. Your resin will show signs of fouling much later by leaving stains than the fouling starts actually.

When and how often you need to resume resin cleaning?

A: In summer, when your water spending is much more, you can repeat the cleaning twice a week. But in normal time, once a month will suffice. 

Is ResCare RK42N resin life formula a concentrate or mix to maintain ration? 

A: It is a concentrate to use in our water softener system directly from the container requiring neither mixing nor ratio.

How do ro65n and ro12n differ? 

A: A subtle difference between these two items refers to the size of the containers. The RO65N contains 76 ounce liquid and the RO12N is much smaller to contain 22 ounce.

How many cleaning are in one bottle of Softener Mate SM12N?

A: Given the 1 cup of the of the maiden cleaning and ¼ cup each for next cleaning, it will last up to 20 cleanings.

Is there any difference between the much known Whirlpool cleaner and this Whirlpool water softener resin cleaner?

A: NO. They are same in substance inside the container.


It is surely not that easy to narrow down seven such products from product-studded market. But our gathering of extensive information on the topic has helped us tremendously in this regard. Now it is your turn to choose the best one by going through the 7 water softener resin cleaner reviews. All the products under these reviews are formulated liquid chemicals and any one you take will be the best water softener resin cleaner. To put clearly, liquids are far effective to rescue and increase the performance and extend the life of a water softener resin.

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