Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife of 2023

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Had it been challenging for you to handle fish cleaning and cutting process?

Looking for a convenient way for filleting large volumes of different fish faster, better, and with less effort?

Then, it’s time to take the hard work out with an electric fillet knife to make the whole process of cutting fish easy.

But, shopping for the best electric fish fillet knife is downright annoying. There are hundreds of options on the market, and the choices may overwhelm you.

Worry less!

In this roundup and buying guide, we’ve selected 8 best-rated models for 2023. We’ve evaluated all products based on build quality, material, and ease of use, functionality, safety and durability.

Reading this electric fish fillet knife review will hopefully help you get your shopping trip started and give you an idea of what you’re looking for.

We’re sure you’ll find one that best suits your needs.

Editor’s Choice

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The winner pick is Rapala 227856 corded electric fillet knife.

This tool is made of the highest quality material and heavy-duty. The blade is 7.5 inches in length, which is the right size for almost all filleting needs. What’s more, the reciprocating style helps to cut through the fish meat easily.

It gives you more power and incredible control when filleting even the big fish. The advanced airflow design keeps the motor running cool making it long-lasting.

This well-designed tool is comfortable in hand. What’s more, you won’t feel any vibration during use. Additionally, the 8-foot power cord will give you plenty of reach for working around the fillet table.

Overall, Rapala 227856 offers all the features you’re going to need, and it’ll offer you great value for money. It’ll change the whole filleting experience.

Budget Pick

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Mr. Twister 110 V fillet knife is far more affordable than any other option on this list.

Although it comes with a pocket-friendly price, it provides you with extra power and control even when you’re filleting big fish.

The extra-sharp blade with 110 V high torque motor makes filleting easy and perfect. The flexible blade is also great for other carving jobs. The lightweight design with a comfortable contoured handle ensures better control and ease of use.

We also like its high impact motor housing that provides additional protection. The power cord is durable, tough and extendable.

Importantly, it’s quick and convenient to remove the blade for easy cleaning. The safety lock makes this tool safer to use.

Best Electric Fish Fillet Knives – Comparison Chart

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Here’s a simple chart to help you spot the differences between the 8 products.

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The 8 Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife Reviews

When it comes to cleaning your catch at the end of the day, you need a reliable fillet knife. You don’t want one that has no power, has dull blade, performs poorly, overheat easily, or doesn’t have a long lifespan. A poor quality knife will just slow you down, especially if you need to fillet a large haul of fish.

We’ve invested a significant amount of time in shortlisting the available models. And we have tested these 8 models vigorously to recommend you’re the best ones.

Our goal here is to share all of the important information around all the selected models so that you can make the right choice.

We’re sure these 8 best picks will make your shopping of electric fish fillet knife a breeze.

Let’s jump right into the review.

1. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife, 227856

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This is one of the best-selling electric knives of Rapala, one of the most popular kitchenware brands. Made of highest-quality material, it’ll provide you long-lasting performance.

The Rapala electric fillet knife blades and heavy-duty motor offers three times the power and twice the speed of any standard electric knife for fish filleting. So, filleting any big fish with this work horse won’t be a problem.

This heavy-duty knife can easily cut through back bones, rib bones and make fast and easy work of trout, walleye, salmon, and other large fish. Thanks to its faster blade rotation that cut through meat like it is butter.

Top Features & Benefits

Reciprocating style 7-inch blades slice through all sorts of skins, catches, scales, and cuts with control and ease. 7.5” is the right blade size for almost all filleting needs.

The very sharp-pointed curve of the blade performs the quick cuts you need. The pointed tip also makes it easier to ensure that slices are fully separated.

Airflow body design dampens the vibration. It also keeps the motor running smooth and cool making the tool long lasting.

Convenient, relaxed grip ensures fatigue-free filleting. It allows you to get incredible control when you’re filleting.

Powerful, quiet long-lasting motor provides you with extra power and control even when you’re filleting big fish.

8 feet power cord offers you plenty of reach for working around the table.


  • Heavy-duty and well-thought design
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Perfect for cutting big fishes
  • Easy to control
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Faster blade rotation
  • Comfortable to use
  • Dishwasher safe blade
  • Quick and easy cleanup


  • No storage box or bag included to put the parts in when not using.

Bottom line

In terms of motor power, handle design, and cord length, this Rapala fillet knife is definitely the best model. If you have a lot of fish to clean, this is a must-have.

2. Bubba Cordless Electric Fillet Knife, 1095705

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Hate to get stuck with the cord of corded electric knife in the middle of your fish cleaning or slicing jobs?

Looking for an alternative of corded versions?

Then, Bubba battery-powered electric fillet knife is definitely a tool to help you out. 

The cord-less design provides the freedom and space needed to operate it anywhere comfortably. It also comes included with a charging cord and a second replacement battery.

Bubba 1095705 is perfect for any fisherman. With the powerful lithium-ion battery and four blades. You can effortlessly fillet any small, medium and large size fish with it. The motor ensures a smooth and safe cut with quiet operation.

Top Features & Benefits

4 blades (7″ & 9″ E-FLEX, 9″ & 12″ E-STIFF)- These four different style blades offer you more versatility and convenience to get the job done. These make filleting small to large size fish effortless.

Titanium nitride (TiN) coated high carbon stainless steel blades are extremely corrosion resistant.

Non-Stick reciprocating blades makes your filleting task more convenient and faster. The super sharp blades allow you to cut through fish like butter. Of course, the blades are removable for easy cleaning.

Non-slip grip handle provides ultimate knife control with an ergonomic trigger guard for added security.

Dual-rivet blade design makes them more durable.

The lithium-ion battery has the longest run time compared to any electric knife so you can stack fillets until you’re out of fish.

LED battery life indicator ensures you always have a functioning knife.

Safety lock and trigger guard offer ultimate security.

Premium EVA molded case allows you to store away the entire kit for storage and easy transport.


  • Perfect for small, medium and large fish
  • Made of premium quality material
  • Extreme strength and durability
  • Longest running battery life
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomically design
  • Fit perfectly in any hand size


  • An expensive piece of equipment

Bottom line

The Bubba fillet knife is certainly a game-changer for battery-powered version. It is exactly what you’ve been looking for when fishing away from power sources, and it’s ready to clean and fillet any fish any time. Nice assortment of blades, awesome battery life, wonderful storage case, dual-rivet blade design, and non-slip handle design- all these features make it the best cordless fillet knife available. If it’s in your budget, you’ll probably be pleased with it.

3. Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife, 1095704

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Next up, we have another excellent product from Bubba. This time its Bubba 110V corded electric fillet knife.

If you liked the idea of our #2 recommendation but wanted something a little cheaper, this corded version is a great alternative.

It packs almost all of the same features as the Bubba battery-powered fillet knife in regards to the blade, handle design, safety lock, and trigger, and storage case, except this model is corded. Plus, it can save you about $140 on the purchase.

Additionally, it comes with a one year warranty against material and manufacturer defects.

However, let’s recap its top features.

Top Features & Benefits

4 blades (7 “& 9″ E-flex, 9″ & 12” E-stiff) are great for all sizes fishes.

The 8-foot power cord provides plenty of lengths to operate comfortably.

Dual-rivet blade design ensures ultimate durability.

Ergonomic trigger with guard offers you smooth and safe cut.

Non-slip grip handle helps you keep a firm grip on the knife.

Premium EVA zippered storage case makes storing and transporting this kit hassle-free.


  • Top-notch quality
  • Ease of use
  • Outstanding grip security
  • Easy cleanup
  • Convenient to store and transport
  • Highly rust-preventive blade


  • The trigger is somewhat hard to depress.

Bottom line

Bubba Fillet Knife, 1095704 is designed by fishermen for fishermen. This model is very durable and works great for any type of fish. You would have a hard time finding a corded fillet knife that will beat this one!

4. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife, 32350DS

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Next, we have this heavy-duty fillet knife from American Angler, a quality-driven, and trusted professional brand name.

If you have a large haul of fish to fillet, what will be better than this American Angler PRO electric fillet knife?

This heavy-duty knife will help you fillet comfortably with ease, like a PRO. Recreational, commercial, and even professional fishermen like this model for its exclusive design and high-performance.

The extremely sharp and flexible blade of this knife follows the contours of the fish nicely and provides you the best result possible. This feature makes this model the best filet knife for crappie.

Top Features & Benefits

Powerful motor and gear system provides two times torques and power you need. This ensures that you achieve smooth and consistent filleting of big fish all the time.

8″ hollow-ground blades provide reciprocating 2-blade action for easy maneuverability and greater precision. Conveniently, these American Angler blades are compatible with all electric fillet knives of this brand.

Advanced airflow design with an integrated cooling fan keeps the motor cool for hours of continuous filleting.

Ergonomic handle provides comfort by reducing fatigue and strain on your wrist while filleting for extended periods.

A vented carrying bag ensures that there is no corrosion build-up or odor when you’re carrying the knife.


  • Strong and very reliable
  • Perfect for cutting big bones and crappie
  • High-performance blade
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick & quiet operation
  • Superb lifespan
  • Backed by a 2-year limited Lifetime


  • Several users complained that the handle warmed up quickly.
  • The operating trigger is somewhat hard to squeeze.


American Angler 32350DS is absolutely the best fillet knife for fish. It has plenty of power compared to others. It is much easier to use and fast in removing the skin after taking off a fillet. Worth the money!

5. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DC, PGEF1

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Rapala Deluxe PGEF1 works wherever you are!

With the versatility of its power option, you are always ready for shore lunch.

The AC/DC operation of this tool lets you hit the road and fillet your catch. Simply plug it into any wall outlet, connect to boat lighter outlet or trolling motor battery posts, and start any filleting task.

The blades are very sharp that makes fast and effortless work of any filleting chore. Of course, the blades are highly versatile to slice through roast, cheese, or ham- whatever you like!

Tops Features & Benefits

Interchangeable 6″ and 7.5″ stainless steel blades allow you to pick the right sizes to match for any filleting job.

Powerful, quiet motor makes very quick work of even the most stubborn fillets. And it does its jobs quietly.

Advanced airflow design ensures cooler operation for long-lasting performance.

Adapters (for 110V AC) keeps you powered up anywhere

12V Lighter Plug is quite convenient for fishing trips.

The relaxed grip body is easy to handle. It’s just perfect to use for long time without any fatigue.

18 foot long power cord offers you more room to do your filleting task.

Blow-molded travel plastic case is very useful to keep the fillet set close at hand, and ready for action.


  • Highly maneuverable
  • Effortless and fast filleting
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Very easy to use and clean


  • The long cable can be a bit of pain to manage.


Rapala Deluxe PGEF1 will makes cleaning fish a breeze no matter where you are. Overall, it’s one of the best electric travel fillet knives.

6. Mr. Twister Gent’s Best Fish Knife

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If you’re on a budget yet looking for a powerful electric fillet knife, don’t miss this one from Mr. Twister, a familiar name on the electric fillet knife industry.

This money-saving option is the best of both worlds when it comes to functionality and price. It features some unique aspects. First of all, the bright color scheme makes it easy to spot, so you won’t lose track of it.

Another excellent feature is its tough and durable spring cord. This curly cord reduces the chance that you might accidentally cut through it. However, it also provides extended length up to 8 feet when you need it.

Mr. Twister Fish Knife is elegantly simple in its design but powerful enough to fillet Trout, Flounder, crappie, and more. 110V motor power gives you consistent torque and constant power to perform any kind of cutting action.

The stainless steel razor-sharp blades make filleting task fast and easy. It can cut through the toughest bone and scales but it is delicate enough to make paper-thin slices of meat off the fillet.

You’ll also appreciate the flexibility of the cutting blades. It also a great knife for carving turkey, ham, or bread. Usefully, lightweight design enables simple control over the process of cutting or carving.

Features & Benefits

7″ stainless steel super sharp blade is perfect for handling any cutting task.

Rugged 110 V heavy-duty motor generates high torque levels to power through the item being cut with ease.

Expandable curly power cord makes it easy to handle corded versions.

Safety Lock prevents accidental start-ups making it safe for toddlers and pets in the house.

Smooth blade release helps you to change the blades and switch to another easily.

Ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and firm grip.

High impact housing provides additional protection to the motor that you’ll appreciate.


  • High power and torque levels
  • Fast and easy fileting
  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Perfect for filleting and carving other food
  • Easy blade release
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Strong housing construction
  • 1-year warranty


  • Short power cord
  • Scary sharp blades
  • It produces humming sound while in operation.

Bottom line

Overall, it is the “Best Fish Knife” in the industry and a great value for money. If you’re a beginner in filleting, we recommend you to choose this model. We’re sure it’ll become your long-term companion in culinary adventures. Give it a try. Hopefully, you won’t get disappointed.

7. American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Sportsmen’s Kit, 32352DS

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This is our second inclusion from the American Angler brand and for good reasons.

This model from the PRO series is a professional grade knife that combines revolutionary design, precision engineering, and professional craftsmanship.

When it comes to fillet bigger catch or different species of fish, the cutting performance of this bad boy topples the competition. Filleting both freshwater and saltwater fish are no more a problem with this versatile, motorized handset.

What’s more?

It includes five blades:

1x 10″ saltwater blade

1x 10″ heavy duty shark blade replacement

1x 8″ heavy duty shark blade replacement

1x 5.5″ curved tip blade replacement

1x 8″ curved tip blade replacement

Versatility is unlimited with the blade assortment. Additionally, the blades are so sharp and durable, and the motor is so powerful that even big-boned saltwater fish won’t stop it. And the blade doesn’t blunt quickly either.

Another nice aspect is its open-vent design that reduces heat build-up while you’re using it. It’s an essential feature, especially if you’re planning to use the tool for a long period.

Top Features & Benefits

5 kinds of blades that come included with this model make it easy to pick the right one for the job.

High-performance flexible and hollow ground blade provide reciprocating 2-blade action for greater precision and maneuverability.

Powerful motor provides two times torques that ensure smooth and consistent filleting all the time.

Superior drive train components give it 4X the lifespan of any other heavy-duty model.

Advanced airflow design keeps the motor cool for hours of continuous filleting.

Fillet glove helps to hold on to slippery fish and offered some hand protection while cleaning fish. The glove is large enough to fit tight in big hands.

The tacky bag keeps all the knives and the handset comfortably for easy storage and transport.


  • High performance
  • Super-versatile
  • Comfortable handling
  • Easier to use
  • Great control over the cutting action
  • Very smooth, fast and clean cuts
  • 2-Year limited lifetime warranty


  • Several users complained that it got hot during continuous uses.
  • Kind of expensive

Bottom line

American Angler PRO Professional 32352DS matches whatever fish (redfish, grouper, salmon, large-mouth bass, panfish, walleyes, etc.) you’re filleting. It’s also one of the best knives for slicing brisket, ham, and anything. You can also use it as a regular kitchen knife on meat or veggies, especially when you want the slices to look very nice. We recommend Sportsmen’s Kit for anyone who likes to catch and clean a variety of fishes.

8. Berkley Electric Fillet Knife, BCEFK110V

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If you’re searching for an affordable electric knife for low volume filleting, Berkley BCEFK110V is the right option for you.

Made of corrosion-resistant materials, this tool fights off the rust and corrosion associated with the saltwater environment making it perfect for saltwater fishes.

It runs on 110V power to offer maximum performance to cut fast, reducing your filleting time. Moreover, the quite efficient blade leaves much less meat on the bone.

The handle provides stability, comfort, and control that is necessary for filleting knives. It feels safe in hand, and there is no concern to slip the handle or get loose the blade, which may cause an injury.

Top Features & Benefits

8 in long serrated blade allow sleek strokes to make filleting small, medium, or large fish fast and effortless.

Sharp-pointed tip of the blade makes it easy to cut through the flesh.

Stainless steel blade construction resists corrosion and stands up to a lot of use regardless of the type of fish being filleted.

Side blade release button helps for easy removing of the blade for cleaning or changing it.

Safety lock eliminates the chance of an accidental release of the blade while you are using it.

Trigger lock prevents the knife from starting when you are not expecting it.

Ergonomic handle allows a tight, firm grip to make your filleting task safe. Of course, it looks good with its black and red handle.


  • Heavy-duty appearance
  • Easy to operate
  • Flawless function
  • Very safe to use
  • Anti-corrosive and durable
  • Affordable price


  • Somewhat heavy than other models of its class

Bottom line

Overall, this Berkley BCEFK110V is an excellent knife in terms of quality to price ratio. It’s a good starter fillet knife. Of course, you can use it for other light-duty tasks rather than just filleting fish.

What Should you Know Before Buying

We want the best from our hard-earned cash. But there are some poor-quality models, and buying them is just a waste of money.

So, it’s essential to learn what key features to consider for comparing the products and purchasing the best one.

Power Source: Corded Vs. Cordless

There are advantages and drawbacks to both!

A corded electric fillet knife is preferable if you use it in your home only. They are more powerful than cordless knives. On the negative, you can reach only the distance from the power outlet as far as the cord length allows you.

On the other hand, for using the knife on a remote location where there is no power source nearby such as on a boat, go for cordless versions.

Although cordless knives are handy to use, there is a risk of battery running out right in the middle of you cut. So, if you choose a battery-powered fillet knife, check the battery life.

Blade Sizes and Your Purpose to Use

It’s the most important factor to consider. You may need to use fillet knives in different situations and for different varieties of fishes. And this type of knives come with blades of different size and design. Some are best for saltwater fish, while others are not. In order to get the best deal, you need to ensure that your chosen model will serve the purpose efficiently.

Thinner and shorter blades are perfect for smaller fish. Whereas for a bigger catch, especially for saltwater fish, stiffer and larger (8 to 9 inch) blade is a must to handle those tougher tasks. A medium-sized (7-inch) blade will work well on any freshwater species.

Of course, some models come equipped with various blade sizes, which is certainly a good feature to pick that model.

Blade strength, thickness, and durability are also important.

Thicker stainless steel blades are durable and perfect for cutting bones. Check the blade thickness, whether it’s thick enough to slice through your catch without breaking.

Select the right blade length and thickness, depending on your needs.

One more important factor is the replacement blades. Make sure the replacement blades are easy to find.


First of all, the handle needs to be comfortable to grip and feel natural in your hand. Filleting fish with ease of use is desirable, but your safety is also paramount. It also needs to be slip-resistant for safe use.

Having finger guards between the handle and the blade junction will make it safer to use. The safety lock is another added safety feature to have.

As it’s an electric tool, heating, and electric shock is also a possibility. So, make sure the handle is non-conductive to keep your safe and avoid burns in case motor heating.


Electric fillet knives come with different price tags. However, your budget will determine which model you get. We suggest you compare different models of different knife brands within your budget. Obviously, it’ll be helpful to you to find out which has the most value for your money.


All the models of the best electric fish fillet knife that we’ve reviewed above are worth your money.

After going through our reviews, you are probably better informed about choosing the right one, and which one on this list will best meet your needs.

So, are you ready for the next big catch?