Top 5 Best Electric Bread Knives of 2023

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Wondering how to cut hot bread without mashing it?

Or how to get very thin, even sandwich slices with either hot or cooled bread?

Bread isn’t too tough to cut. But you probably understand the drawbacks of uneven slices in your hand!

Don’t panic;

An electric bread knife is a handy accessory that offers greater accuracy and control than their traditional counterparts.

However, shopping for the best electric bread knife can be downright annoying as there are hundreds of options on the market.

No worry: We have rounded up 5 top choices to make your shopping experience a breeze.

Let’s jump right into this electric bread knife reviews.

Editor’s Choice

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The Cuisinart CEK-30 electric knife is our pick for the best of the lot. This model packs all the essential features that a bread knife should have.

The full-size serrated stainless steel blade and powerful motor offer the easiest and quickest way to get presentation-perfect slices. It also cuts through meats, bread, vegetables, and more.

The ergonomically designed handle is easy to grip and comfortable to use, and it provides the precision needed to cut even slices time and time again.

We can guarantee that you’ll never regret investing in this kitchen appliance.

Budget Pick

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Proctor Silex Easy Slice 74311Y is the best budget-friendly option on our list. It offers you great value for the price.

The oscillating, serrated stainless steel blade easily carves through everything from bread, turkey, ham, and tomatoes to crafting foam for DIY projects. And it gives you the control and precision to quickly create even slices.

Lightweight design makes it easy to hold, especially if you’re cutting through large quantities or a dense artisanal loaf of bread. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in either hand and ensures accurate control and precision. What’s more, the simple touch-button allows you to safely operate the knife.

And you will enjoy all these benefits without digging so mush deep into your pocket. It’s affordable. For the price, you can’t find a well-made, more versatile electric knife.

Best Electric Bread Knives – Comparison Chart

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If you’re in a rush and don’t have much time to read our detailed review, this comparison table will help you pick the right one quickly.

Reviews of our Recommended Best Electric Bread Knife

Our team of experts has done all the in-depth research and tests on more than hundred models to recommend you the best one. So, you don’t need to invest countless times to find the right one.

In the review, we’ve tried our best to give you a glimpse of why each model stands out as a top choice in our shortlist.

Hopefully, each model will give you the best value of your money.

1. Cuisinart CEK 30 electric knife, Black

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To start with, we have this fantastic corded electric knife, CEK 30 from Cuisinart, an American best brand for home appliances, including cookware.

The CEK 30 is the perfect example of what a good electric bread knife should look like. Crafted using high-quality materials, this model is designed to provide you the best combination of performance and versatility.

Don’t you just love the reliability of Cuisinart knives?

At last count, it had around 3000+ reviews by customers and continues to be one of the best-rated electric knives available.

No doubt, this Cuisinart serrated electric knife is designed to command a leading market position with its generous pack of features at a reasonable price. It’s a heavy solid knife, and the power of this model is unbelievable.

Top Features & Benefits

Powerful 100 wattage motor makes short work of any slicing task with speed and precision.

A full-size serrated stainless steel blade is great at slicing bread. It also wonderfully cuts through turkey, meats, veggies, and more. Conveniently, the blade is easy to remove and dishwasher safe

The ergonomic, slip-resistant handle is comfortable for left and right-handers to operate with ease.

One-touch on/off operation makes this knife especially easy to use.

Equipped with a 5-foot electric cable lets you carve right at the table!


  • Versatile, multi-purpose blade
  • Powerful and precision
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Offers smooth and quick cut
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect for right- and left-hander
  • Easy to clean blades
  • 18 months limited warranty


  • Holding down the “On” button during slicing gets a bit tiresome
  • It can’t stand alone, so it must be leaning on a wall of sorts.
  • It doesn’t come with a storage box or container.

Bottom line

Cuisinart electric knife CEK-30 offers you the best results as far as your slicing needs are concerned. Additionally, the balance of this model is truly exceptional. Backed by an 18-month limited warranty, there is no reason why you should not invest in this appliance.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with storage case and fork, 74250R

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Don’t you just hate it when your knife no longer delivers precise cuts due to dull blade?

If the answer is YES, it’s time to invest in Hamilton Beach 74250R Electric Knife.

The stainless steel blade of this model never needs sharpening and removes easily for quick cleaning.

But that’s not even the best part…

Hamilton Beach 74250R significantly simplifies the task of your slicing and carving needs.

It’s a perfect knife for slicing a variety of bread without compromising texture. What’s more, it effortlessly cut cooked meats, roasted poultry, cheese, fruits, tomatoes, and more. It’s also a wonderful knife for carving the turkey on Thanksgiving. You can also craft foam for DIY projects.

This 100-watt electric knife uses a dual serrated stainless-steel blade that moves back-&-forth. What you need to do is guide the knife through all the difficult spots. And you’ll be able to slice like a PRO, without any mess.

The handle is designed for comfort that gives you better control no matter what you’re cutting.

Top Features & Benefits

Reciprocating serrated blades produce even slices

Two-pronged stainless steel 12-inch fork is handy for carving and serving

Ergonomic handle fits comfortably in either hand

Space-saving storage case helps to keep the knife, blade, and fork easily accessible and protected.

5 ft. cord is nice & long for easy cutting


  • Multi-purpose
  • Designed for comfort
  • Easy to grip
  • Offers better control
  • Perfect and precise cut
  • Dishwasher safe fork
  • Does not require regular sharpening


  • Some users complained that it overheats with heavy use.

Bottom line

This powerful 100-watt Hamilton Beach knife and fork set is a perfect tool to cut professional-looking slices, thick or thin, from roasts, ham, turkey, and bread. Overall, it’s an excellent electric knife and fork set. Nice for the price!

3. Nutrichef PKELKN16 Portable Electrical Food Cutter Knife Set

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Nutrichef PKELKN16 is the ultimate multi-purpose slicing and carving tool. It comes with two stainless steel blades for meat carving and bread slicing.

The bread blade is perfect for bread, cake loaves, cheese, and meatloaf. And the other blade is best for a carving turkey, roast, ham, and chicken.

You can also use this knife to cut some vegetables like squash, eggplants, and fruit like melon or pineapple. And it offers a more accurate and precise cut than any conventional knife.

Of course, the 100-watt powerful motor and the two heavy-duty blades make consistent slice without the use of sawing motion or excessive pressure. The blade moves so quickly that it’ll take much less time to slice bread or carve food.

Top Features & Benefits

420 Stainless steel blade construction is made to last.

100 watt powerful motor produce perfect slice effortlessly.

Blade release button helps to remove the blade easily and safely for easy cleaning and replacement.

Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable handling and carving with ease.

Safety lock keeps the blade in place to ensure your safety and to avoid injury.

Handcrafted premium hardwood butcher block lets you keep organized all the parts of the knife. Of course, you can store the block flat inside a drawer.


  • Perfect for bread slicing and meat carving
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Offer precise and accurate cut
  • Easy and safe storage


  • Some users aren’t satisfied with its quality.

Bottom line

The quality of the materials used for this knife set speaks for itself. There is precision in every piece, and you can trust that.  It is not hard to go for this portable electrical knife since it does its job better and with high precision. Certainly, you’ll love it.

4. Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife, 74311Y

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Proctor Silex 74311Y is a perfect electric knife for easily carve through everything. The stainless steel serrated oscillating blade effortlessly slices artisan, homemade, and other types of bread. What’s more, it’s excellent for cutting ham, turkey, and tomatoes and more.

The great thing about this Easy Slice Knife is you can also use it as a foam cutter for DIY projects that cuts and slices crafting foam with ease. The lightweight design makes it easy to hold when carving large quantities.

Top Features & Benefits

Reciprocating, serrated blades slices quickly and evenly every time. It also gives you the control and precision you need.

Ergonomic handle with hand contoured grip fits comfortably in either right or left hand and gives you accurate control and precision.

Easy on/ off switch lets you safely activate your electric carving knife.

60-inch extra-long cord provides plenty of reach for your carving tasks.


  • Effortlessly carve large meats
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Easy to turn on/off
  • Both right- and left-hand compatible
  • Affordable price


  • It runs somewhat slowly.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for an affordable electric knife for carving turkey, or meat for the holidays and special occasions, and slicing a variety of bread, Proctor Silex is it. It’s designed for convenience and ease of use. It’s an essential and time-saving accessory for your busy kitchen.

5. Classic Cuisine Electric Carving Knife Set, 82-KIT1016

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82-KIT1016 is an exclusive electric carving knife set from Classic Cuisine. This model will provide you the best value with the absolute best price.

It’s a sleekly designed knife that helps to eliminate the stress of party or holiday dinner preparations. The serrated blade offers clean and evenly cut food without shredding your dinner.

The dual 8-inch blades (one for carving and one for cutting bread) easily cut through loaves of bread, turkey, roast, ham, cheese, fruit, and more. And the precision slicing for home-cooked meals is at your fingerprints.

Top Features & Benefits

Stainless bread blade helps to slice bread and other soft foods

Stainless carving blade cuts through turkey, roasts, ham and other dense foods

Serrated blade edge provides clean cuts and even precise bread, cheese, meats, and delicate fruits and other foods!

Ergonomic handle provides a steady and comfortable grip for added control while slicing or carving.

Safety finger guard provides a safe and reliable experience.

The quick-release button lets you remove the blade quickly from the power attachment for hassle-free cleanup.

The extra-long 62-inch cord allows you to move with ease around your table for the most precise cutting positions.

Wood storage block stores all the parts neatly.


  • Sleek and smartly designed
  • Precision slicing
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Comfortable to grip and use


  • Both blades look the same.

Bottom line

Classic Cuisine 82-KIT1016 electric carving knife set is ideal for all of your kitchen and cooking slicing needs. Thanks to its powerful 100W motor and durable serrated blades.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Good Electric Bread Knife

An electric bread knife can step in for slicing a wide variety of bread where other manual knives just don’t cut it. However, you need to get ones that’s exactly right for you.

There are some considerations that you should pay attention to before making a purchase decision.

To help you choose the right one to meet your need, go through this buying guide.


The blade of slicing knife should have an excellent dentition dedicated to bread and other delicate foods. Some models include two sets of interchangeable blades: one for slicing bread and the other one for different carving needs. Dual blades certainly enhance the versatility of the model.


Handle design needs to be ergonomic and easy to grip for ensuring perfect slices of the bread. A lightweight handle will offer curtain stability and control over the cuts. Make sure you have the firm grip over the handle for safe use of the knife.

Motor Power

Most of the electric bread slicing knives usually come with 100 watts motor.  A less powerful motor will also work well if you want to cut a variety of bread or meat without the bone. However, choosing a more powerful model is useful when you want to cut other foods such as meat or frozen food.

Power options: Corded or cordless

Electric knives for bread available in corded and cordless versions. Corded electric knives are less expensive than corded ones. But the power cord may limit your movement from the outlet. On the other hand, a cordless knife is a perfect solution to use it anywhere.

Safety Features

Look for a model that has a well-designed safety button or locking trigger that will prevent operations for the kids to use, such as a double or locking trigger.

Finger guard is another safety feature that lets you safely use the knife. It also helps you easily control the blade, keeping your finger as close as possible to the blade without any accident risk.


What are the essential safety measures to take when using an electrical bread knife?

First, ensure that the blade is wholly locked till you’re not ready to sstart cutting. Otherwise, it may accidentally turn on, which may lead to injury. Secondly, avoid keeping your fingers near to the blade.

Additionally, always keep the blades in protective cases or sheath. Most importantly, before dissembling and cleaning the blade or handle, you must unplug the unit.

Never use your bread knife for cutting the hard bone of fish unless it’s not recommended to use for raw meat cutting or fish filleting. We would advise using the recommended model for raw meat cutting or fish filleting if you need to get the job done.

Do I need to sharpen the blade of the electric bread knife?

In general, these types of blades are serrated, and they tend to retain sharpness for a long time compared to the conventional blades. For this reason, usually, they don’t need to be sharpened. However, if you need, manufacturers recommend sharping the blade by using a rod. We suggest consulting your knife manufacturer to determine whether the sharpening is appropriate.

How do I clean my electric knife?

Generally, electric knives come with removable blades that allow you to disassemble it and wash. In most cases, the blades are not recommended to clean in the dishwasher. But we suggest consulting with the manufacturer to determine whether it’s possible. Otherwise, you can wash the blade by hand with warm water and mild soap. To clean the handle, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly.


Based on brand popularity and customer reviews, all the best electric bread knife we’ve reviewed above outweighs the market.

Each model is incredibly convenient, and they each does a great job of slicing bread. They’ll turn you into a pro!

Pick the right one from our list, make the task of cutting bread easy, and get excellent results every time.

Hope you enjoyed going through our reviews.